Punch List definition

Punch List means the list of items, prepared in connection with the inspection of the Project by the Owner’s Representative or Architect in connection with Substantial Completion of the Work or a portion of the Work, which the Owner’s Representative or Architect has designated as remaining to be performed, completed or corrected before the Work will be accepted by the Owner.
Punch List signed by the County;
Punch List are those minor items of Work identified and listed by DP and agreed to by Owner to be completed by Contractor after Substantial Completion and prior to Final Completion, which do not prevent the Project from being fully used for the purpose for which it is intended and which will not prevent the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

Examples of Punch List in a sentence

  • If any of the conditions listed in this article are not met and the Work has not been completed, or the Owner determines that the final Punch List cannot be completed within sixty (60) days, a Certificate of Substantial Completion shall not be issued.

  • The Notice will include a general list of items (Punch List) remaining to be completed.

  • The completion time for the Punch List shall not be greater than 60 days from the date of issuance of the Certificate of Substantial Completion.

  • During this inspection, any item of work remaining to be done or Work to be corrected shall be noted on a Punch List.

  • Additionally, it will be used to track Issues for Safety, QA/QC, Non- Compliance Issues, Work Completion List and Punch List.

More Definitions of Punch List

Punch List means a list developed by the Project Manager after Substantial Completion that identifies defects or deficient workmanship or work not completed in conformance with the Contract Documents.
Punch List. A list of minor construction Project items to be completed or corrected by the Construction Contractor, any one of which do not materially impair the use of the Project work, or the portion of the Project work inspected, for its intended purpose. A Punch List shall be prepared by the Professional upon having made a determination that the Project work, or a portion of the Project construction work inspected, in concert with the Professional, the Construction Contractor, the Department, Project Director, the Field Representative, the State/Client Agency and any construction manager, is substantially complete and shall be attached to the respective DMB-455, Certificate of Substantial Completion form. This standard document form is a part of the “DMB- 460, Project Procedures” documents package.
Punch List means a list of items of Work to be completed or corrected by Contractor before Final Completion, and indicates items to be finished, remaining Work to be performed, or Work that does not meet quality or quantity requirements as required in the Contract Documents.
Punch List shall have the meaning assigned to it under Article 6.7 (d).
Punch List or “Punch List work” means minor adjustments, repairs or deficiencies in the Work, as determined by the Commissioner in his sole discretion.
Punch List means the list generated by Contractor and approved by Owner Parties of incomplete or Defective Work that must be corrected before the Project achieves Final Completion.
Punch List shall have the meaning as set forth in Clause 12.2.1;