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OBLIGATIONS OF. (Company Name) will provide the County with satisfactory evidence of each of the following:
OBLIGATIONS OF. THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH (MOH) The Ministry of Health, agrees to:
OBLIGATIONS OF. Downsizing Generators for Costs of Amending GIAsA Downsizing Generator will be responsible for the actual costs incurred by the CAISO and applicable Participating TO(s) to amend its Generator Interconnection Agreement pursuant to Section 3.10.12 to incorporate changes resulting from the Generator Downsizing Process.
OBLIGATIONS OF. 24.1. In addition to the obligations of set forth elsewhere in this License Agreement, shall:
OBLIGATIONS OF. (partnering institution) For its role in the transfer program, CCS will: • On an annual basis, review the contents of this MOU and recommend any changes to Park University. • Support the marketing effort by promoting the programs through student, alumni and community publications/media and through the marketing staffs of each institution. • Where allowed within the policies and procedures of CCS, provide Park University with access to potential graduates to enable Park to market and promote the online degrees. Examples would include but not be limited to invitations to career and college fairs, opportunities to distribute materials on campus, opportunities to communicate electronically to potential students via their CCS electronic mail addresses, and providing space on bulletin boards. Any contact with potential students will be carried out within limits to be determined by XXX and Park University. • Provide Park University the opportunity to advertise in CCS publications. • Provide Park University with the opportunity to train/orient staff at CCS as necessary to support the programs at each CCS location. • Designate administrative, academic and student service personnel who will act as a liaison to their counterparts at Park University. • Advise, assist and support strategically and at the policy level Park University’s efforts to provide quality education through ground based and distance education to students graduating from CCS.
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OBLIGATIONS OF. [PARTY 1] [Party 1] shall (1) use all commercially reasonable efforts to identify a buyer for the ATM route(s); (2) promptly notify [Party 2] of any prospective buyers; (3) interview prospective buyers and qualify them as ready, willing and able buyers based upon financial documentation;
OBLIGATIONS OF. (1) Under this Agreement, the Implementing Partner is responsible for implementing agreed activities, and shall hereunder:
OBLIGATIONS OF. 4.1 Shall comply at all times with The Rule Book and any other document issued by the Central Bank in connection with the UAEDDS from time to time.
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