The Design Professional Sample Clauses

The Design Professional when directed by the Owner, will issue electronic documents to the selected printing companies from whom the bidders will purchase the Bid documents. The Design Professional will develop, review with the Owner and then produce and issue to the Owner for distribution any addenda as required.
The Design Professional. S certification of a Periodic Payment Estimate shall constitute a representation by the DESIGN PROFESSIONAL to the OWNER, based on the DESIGN PROFESSIONAL'S observations at the site, as provided in Subparagraph 1.6.6 and on the data comprising the Contractor's Periodic Payment Estimate, that the Work has progressed to the point indicated and that, to the best of the DESIGN PROFESSIONAL'S knowledge, information and belief, the quality of the Work is in accordance with the Contract Documents (subject to an evaluation of the Work for conformance with the Contract Documents upon Substantial Completion, to the results of any subsequent tests required by or performed under the Contract Documents, to minor deviations from the Contract Documents correctable prior to completion, and to any specific qualifications stated in the Periodic Payment Estimate Form); and that the Contractor is entitled to payment in the amount certified. The Certification of Payment shall not be a representation that the DESIGN PROFESSIONAL has made any examination to ascertain how and for what purpose the Contractor has used the moneys paid on account of the Contract Sum.
The Design Professional must develop a written Project program (Project Program) that includes the requirements of the Project. The Project Program will be finalized in the Schematic Design Phase. The Design Professional will review the Project Program with NMSU to ensure it meets all of NMSU’s requirements. The Design Professional must provide a complete Project Program listing Project requirements, cost, objectives, conferences, regulatory requirements, and design criteria. The Design Professional will provide preliminary evaluation of NMSU’s Scope of Work and Project schedule, Project site, Project budget, available surveys, tests, and reports to ascertain that each is consistent and comparable with the others and the requirements of the Project. If the Design Professional finds any inconsistencies or incompatibilities among the documents and information provided by NMSU, the Design Professional must promptly recommend reasonable adjustments. The Design Professional must investigate existing conditions at the Project site. The Design Professional must comply with NMSU’s requirements for telephone and fiber lines. All fiber lines and conduit must be included in the Project. The design must include termination of all lines in accordance with Division 27 of NMSU ICT Standards. Obtain and list all design related permits and approvals required by governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the Project (e.g., grading, drainage plans, zoning, right of ways, encroachment). Meet with governmental authorities to obtain prior approval, if required. Update and get approval from the appropriate governmental authority on the drainage plan for the Project, if required. The Design Professional must assist NMSU in developing or updating standards technical specifications and Division 00 documents that may be used on future projects. Schematic Design Phase Based on the Project Program, Proposed Project Schedule and delivery method, Project site, Project Budget, and preparatory surveys, test, and consultants’ reports, and any agreed adjustments thereto, the Design Professional must prepare schematic drawings for schematic plan documents. If required based on Project type and size, the Design Professional must run the Project through Energy Star’s Target Finder Program and provide NMSU with a Statement of Energy Design Intent (SEDI). The Design Professional must review alternative approaches to design and construction for the Project and the schematic design phase documents as they are bein...
The Design Professional. (1) shall render services under the Agreement in accordance with the Degree of Care; (2) will reimburse the Owner for all damages caused by the defective designs the Design Professional prepares; and (3) by acknowledging payment by the Owner of any fees due, shall not be released from any rights the Owner may have under the Agreement or diminish any of the Design Professional's obligations thereunder.
The Design Professional. The Design Professional shall comply with the Airport Authority’s badging and security procedures required for the Design Professional’s employees and subconsultants to access areas of the Airports.
The Design Professional 

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  • Design Professional The Design Professional is retained in accordance with the Design Professional Contract (i) for the design and preparation of Construction Documents that are necessary to implement the Program governing the construction of the Project or Components thereof, and the design and preparation of any necessary documents antecedent to preparation of such Construction Documents, or (ii) for construction contract administration of the Work under Contract Documents, or (iii) for both. The Contractor acknowledges and agrees that the Contract Documents are addressed to skilled tradesmen in the construction profession who shall be required to use their special skills and experience, through submittals and shop drawings, to translate the Design Professional’s design intent as expressed in the Contract Documents into a completed structure. The Contract Documents shall specify when shop drawings or submittals require the seal of a specialty consultant.

  • Note to Design Professional Please prepare each Change Order in the form and wording given below, deleting inapplicable wording and adding such explanations as may be necessary. The wording in Paragraph 11 may not be changed or altered in any way by either the Design Professional or the Contractor. Send four copies, signed by you and the Contractor, to the Owner. Do not forward a Change Order unless it is accompanied by a breakdown which has been certified by the Contract Compliance Specialist and Program Manager (if applicable).

  • Professional Engineering and Architect’s Services Professional Engineering and Architect’s Services are not permitted to be provided under this Agreement. Texas statutes prohibit the procurement of Professional Engineering and Architect’s Services through a cooperative agreement.

  • County’s Project Manager Note: The written approval of substituted A-E Key Personnel is for departmental use only and shall not be used for auditing purposes outside OC Public Works or other County department.

  • Schematic Design Phase 1.2.1 Based on the mutually agreed upon Program of Requirements, Amount Available for the Construction Contract and the Project Schedule, the Architect/Engineer shall prepare sufficient alternative approaches utilizing BIM for design and construction of the Project to satisfy Owner’s project requirements and shall, at completion of this phase, submit Schematic Design Documents derived from the model in accordance with the BIM Execution Plan, “Facility Design Guidelines” and any additional requirements set forth in Article 15. The Architect/Engineer shall review alternative approaches to design and construction for the Project as they are being modeled at intervals appropriate to the progress of the Project with the Owner and Construction Manager at the Project site or other location specified by the Owner within the State of Texas. The Architect/Engineer shall utilize the model(s) to support the review process during Schematic Design. The Architect/Engineer shall provide the Construction Manager with a compact disc containing documents and data files derived from the model to assist the Construction Manager in fulfilling its responsibilities to the Owner.

  • Final Design Phase A. After acceptance by Owner of the Preliminary Design Phase documents, revised opinion of probable Construction Cost as determined in the Preliminary Design Phase, and/or any other Right of Way plan documents, subject to any Owner-directed modifications or changes in the scope, extent, character, or design requirements of or for the Project, and upon written authorization from Owner, Engineer shall:

  • Project Managers Promptly following the Effective Date, each Party shall designate a Project Manager and shall provide the other Party with a written notice containing the name and contact information of such Project Manager. Whenever either Party is entitled to approve a matter, the Project Manager for the Party responsible for the matter shall notify the Project Manager of the other Party of the nature of such matter. The Project Managers shall discuss such matter, and each Project Manager shall confer on such matter on behalf of his/her Party. The foregoing notwithstanding, in no event shall any Project Manager be authorized to amend or modify the provisions of this Agreement. Each Party may change its Project Manager, from time to time, by written notice to the other Party.

  • Training and Professional Development 2.6.1 Te Kura recognises the importance of training and professional development and appropriate provision will be available in line with the current Learning and Development framework, policy and procedures.

  • Creative Work The Executive agrees that all creative work and work product, including but not limited to all technology, business management tools, processes, software, patents, trademarks, and copyrights developed by the Executive during the term of this Agreement, regardless of when or where such work or work product was produced, constitutes work made for hire, all rights of which are owned by the Employer. The Executive hereby assigns to the Employer all rights, title, and interest, whether by way of copyrights, trade secret, trademark, patent, or otherwise, in all such work or work product, regardless of whether the same is subject to protection by patent, trademark, or copyright laws.

  • Architect Engineer shall provide assistance to Owner through the commissioning consultant/agent for the purpose of advising and counseling Owner’s personnel in the usage, operation and maintenance of the building mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.