Payments shall be Sample Clauses

Payments shall be adjusted for deductions for advance payments and retention. The Employer shall pay the Contractor the amounts certified by the Project Manager within 28 days of the date of each certificate. If the Employer makes a late payment the Contractor shall be paid interest on the late payment. Interest shall be calculated from the date by which the payment should have been made up to the date when the late payment is made at the prevailing rate of interest for commercial borrowing for each of the currencies in which payments are made. 46.2 If an amount certified is increased in a later certificate or as a result of an award by an Arbitrator, the Contractor shall be paid interest upon the delayed payment as set out in this clause. Interest shall be calculated from the date upon which the increased amount would have been certified in the absence of dispute. 46.3 Unless otherwise stated, all payments and deductions will be paid or charged in the proportions of currencies comprising the Contract Price. 46.4 Items of the Works for which no rate or price has been entered in will not be paid for by the Employer and shall be deemed covered by other rates and prices in the Contract.
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  • Construction Phase Payments 10.3.1 Payments for Construction Phase Services shall be made as provided for in the UGSC and Owner’s Specifications. All payment requests shall be submitted through e- Builder® with a Schedule of Values and include all required attachments. Payment for approved Change Orders shall be made as part of Contractor’s Application for Payment. Failure to submit a Prime Contractor Progress Assessment Report form with each Application for Payment will cause rejection of the application by Owner and its return to Contractor.

  • Base Payments The Settlement Fund Administrator will allocate base payments under Section IV.D among the Settling States in proportion to their respective Overall Allocation Percentages. Base payments for each Settling State will then be allocated fifteen percent (15%) to its State Fund, seventy percent (70%) to its Abatement Accounts Fund, and fifteen percent (15%) to its Subdivision Fund. Amounts may be reallocated and will be distributed as provided in Section V.D.

  • Payment of Charges All amounts chargeable to Borrower under Section 6 hereof shall be Obligations secured by all of the Collateral, shall be payable on demand and shall bear interest from the date such advance was made until paid in full at the rate applicable to Revolving Credit Loans from time to time.

  • EXPENSE PAYMENTS The Owner hereby gives power to the Agent to pay expenses and costs for the Property from the Owner’s funds held by the Agent, unless otherwise directed by the Owner. The expenses and costs may include, but are not limited to, property management compensation, fees and charges, expenses for goods and services, property taxes and other taxes, association or condominium dues, assessments, loan payments, and insurance premiums.

  • PAYMENT TO BALANCE DIVISION To achieve an equal division of the property, the Couple agree that: (check one) ☐ - There SHALL BE a cash payment in the amount of $ from the ☐ Husband ☐ Wife to the ☐ Husband ☐ Wife. Payment must be made on or before , 20 . If payment is late, interest shall accrue on the outstanding amount due, from the due date, at the maximum rate under State law or ten percent (10%) per annum, whichever is greater. ☐ - There SHALL NOT be a payment from one Spouse to the other. The Couple agrees that a split of the assets and property was fair and divided in good faith.

  • Lease Payments No Borrower will, or will permit any Subsidiary to, directly or indirectly, incur or assume (whether pursuant to a Guarantee or otherwise) any liability for rental payments except in the Ordinary Course of Business.

  • Monthly Not later than the 20th calendar day (or, if such day is not a Business Day, on the next succeeding Business Day) of each calendar month (other than the calendar months in which a Payment Date occurs) and commencing in May 2020, the Issuer shall compile and make available (or cause to be compiled and made available) to the Rating Agency, the Trustee, the Collateral Manager, the Initial Purchaser and each other Holder shown on the Register and any beneficial owner of a Note who has delivered a Beneficial Ownership Certificate to the Trustee a monthly report on a settlement date basis (except as otherwise expressly provided in this Indenture) (each such report a “Monthly Report”). As used herein, the “Monthly Report Determination Date” with respect to any calendar month will be the 10th Business Day preceding the date the Monthly Report is made available. The Monthly Report for a calendar month shall contain the following information with respect to the Collateral Obligations and Eligible Investments included in the Assets, and shall be determined as of the close of business on the Monthly Report Determination Date for such calendar month:

  • Uniform Maintenance Allowance 22.1 The City provides uniforms or uniform allowance for employees represented by the Association. The City will continue to replace, repair and maintain uniforms worn in the line of duty. The average cost of the uniforms/uniform allowances are reported as special compensation (for those employees defined as “classic employees” by the Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013 for retirement calculation purposes and is currently reported as $17 per pay period.

  • Xxxx Payments You may authorize new payment instructions or edit previously authorized payment instructions for xxxx payments that are either periodic and nonrecurring (e.g., payments on merchant charge accounts that vary in amount) or automatic and recurring (e.g., fixed mortgage payments). When you transmit a xxxx payment instruction to us, you authorize us to transfer funds to make the xxxx payment transaction from the account you designate. We will process xxxx payment transfer requests only to such payees as you authorize and for whom the Credit Union has the proper vendor code number. The Credit Union will not process any xxxx payment transfer if the required transaction information is incomplete. If there are insufficient funds in your account to make the xxxx payment request, we may either refuse to make the payment or make the payment and transfer funds from any overdraft protection account you have established. The Credit Union reserves the right to refuse to process payment instructions that reasonably appear to the Credit Union to be fraudulent or erroneous. The Credit Union will withdraw the designated funds from your account by 9:00am on the date of the scheduled payment if scheduled on a business day. If scheduled on a non-business day, the Credit Union will withdraw the funds by 9:00am on the first business day after the scheduled date. It is your responsibility to schedule your xxxx payments in such a manner that your obligations will be paid on time. You should enter and transmit your xxxx payment instructions at least 10 days before a xxxx is due. You are responsible for any late payments or finance charges that may be imposed as a result of your failure to transmit timely payment authorization. You may cancel or stop payment on periodic xxxx payments and automatic, recurring xxxx payment instructions under certain circumstances. If you discover an error in or want to change a payment instruction (e.g., payment date or payment amount) for a periodic or automatic payment you have already scheduled for transmission through online or mobile banking, you may electronically edit or cancel your payment through online or mobile banking. Your cancellation request must be entered and transmitted before the date you have scheduled for payment. If your request is not entered in time, you will be responsible for the payment. If you wish to place an oral stop payment on an automatic, recurring xxxx payment transaction, the Credit Union must receive your oral stop payment request at least three (3) business days before the next payment is scheduled to be made. You may call the Credit Union at the telephone number set forth in Section 4 (Member Liability) to request a stop payment. If you call, the Credit Union may require you to confirm your stop payment request in writing within 14 days after the call.

  • Maintenance Fees All maintenance and similar fees in respect of any Purchased Assets that are due and payable prior to the Closing have been paid in full.

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