Ten Years Sample Clauses

Ten Years. A Unit Member who has been employed with the District in a bargaining unit position for ten (10) consecutive years shall be granted a longevity increment of ten (10) percent.
Ten Years. The obligations set forth in this Section 4 shall expire on July 31, 2011; provided, however, that the license under Future HCT IP existing as of July 31, 2011 shall continue, under reasonable terms and conditions to be agreed between the parties, until the expiration of all of such Future HCT IP.
Ten Years. During the term of this Agreement and for a period of ten (10) years thereafter Ameritech Confidential Information shall not be disclosed by AD to any person except officers and employees of the AD requiring the information to perform under this Agreement. In no event shall Ameritech Confidential Information or trade secrets be used for the benefit of the AD except in connection with performing under this Agreement.
Ten Years. A member who is employed not less than 20 hours a week, and who has served in the employ of the District for ten (10) years, shall be granted a career increment at ten years equivalent to 5.0% of the basic monthly salary to which they are entitled in their respective position, time assignment, and salary schedule classification as established by the Board of Trustees.
Ten Years. Any credentialed teacher, or teacher with Section 19 Archdiocesan Secondary Religion Certification, who has been continuously employed at the top Step of Class D for ten (10) years shall receive an Annual Bonus according to the Lay Teacher Salary Scale in Section 17 of this contract.

Related to Ten Years

  • Contract Year The first Contract Year is the period of time ending on the first contract anniversary. Subsequent Contract Years are the annual periods between contract anniversaries.

  • Limitation Year The calendar year or such other twelve (12) consecutive month period designated by the Employer in the Adoption Agreement for purposes of determining the maximum Annual Additions to a Participant’s account. All Qualified Plans maintained by the Employer must use the same Limitation Year. If the Limitation Year is amended to a different twelve (12) consecutive month period, the new Limitation Year must begin on a date within the Limitation Year in which the amendment is made. If no designation is made on the Adoption Agreement, the Limitation Year will automatically default to the Plan Year. The Limitation Year under the SIMPLE 401(k) Adoption Agreement shall be the calendar year.

  • Calendar Year The term “

  • Vacation Year The vacation year shall be April 1 to March 31, inclusive.

  • Tax Year The Partnership’s tax year will end on , 20 .

  • End of Fiscal Years; Fiscal Quarters The Parent shall cause (i) each of its, and each of its Subsidiaries’, fiscal years to end on December 31 of each year and (ii) each of its and its Subsidiaries’ fiscal quarters to end on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31 of each year.

  • year The employee shall provide medical substantiation to support her request for pregnancy leave. The request must include the beginning and ending dates of the leave and must be requested no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the birth of the child. Any changes to the leave, once approved, are permissive and subject to the approval of the department head or designee.

  • Xxxxx Period The Employer shall be entitled to a grace period of 30 days for payment of Dues, as described in PART V.F. hereof. If during a grace period written notice is given by the Employer to Blue Shield that the Contract or (subject to the consent of Blue Shield) any part of the Contract is to be discontinued before the expiration date of the grace period, the Contract or such part shall be discontinued as of the date specified by the Employer or the date of receipt of such written notice by Blue Shield, whichever is the later date, and the Employer shall be liable to Blue Shield for the full month's payment of Dues if discontinuance of coverage occurs on or after the 15th of the month. If discontinuance of coverage occurs prior to the 15th of the month then Dues payment will be waived and refunded to the group.