Form A definition

Form A means the certifications required herein in the format of Exhibit 1 attached.
Form A means Cotton Producer’sNote, Form CCC Cotton A.

Examples of Form A in a sentence

B6.5 The Proponent shall acknowledge receipt of each addendum in Paragraph 10 of Form A: Bid/Proposal.

B17.2 The acceptance by the City of any Proposal shall not release the Proposals of the other responsive Proponents and these Proponents shall be bound by their offers on such Work until a Contract for the Work the time period specified in Paragraph 11 of Form A: Bid/Proposal.

IRREVOCABLE OFFER B17.1 The Proposal(s) submitted by the Proponent shall be irrevocable for the time period specified in Paragraph 11 of Form A: Bid/Proposal.

NOTICES D6.1 Except as provided for in C22.4, all notices, requests, nominations, proposals, consents, approvals, statements, authorizations, documents or other communications to the Contractor shall be sent to the address or facsimile number identified by the Contractor in Paragraph 2 of Form A: Bid/Proposal.

The agency shall submit a copy of average annual financial turnover and solvency certificate as in Form A and B attested by a Gazetted Officer.

More Definitions of Form A

Form A means the form as set forth in Appendix A of this rule.
Form A means a movement document for live fish, eggs and gametes from an approved zone in the form set out in Directive91/67/EEC which is completed, in respect of live fish, eggs and gametes of the salmonid species, in accordance with the provisions of Commission Decision 96/490/EC;
Form A means an application form used by Clients to purchase foreign currency for the purpose of fulfilling foreign currency payment obligations in invisible trades/transactions.
Form A means the statement regarding the acquisition of control of a domestic insurer that Standby Purchaser shall file with the Illinois Director in connection with the Standby Purchaser’s agreement to purchase of shares of Common Stock in the Standby Offering as provided in Section 6 hereof.
Form A means Form A appended to these rules;
Form A means Exhibit F-1 to the Agreement, “Form B” means Exhibit F-2 to the Agreement, and “Form C” means Exhibit F-3 to the Agreement.