Reimbursable Expenses Sample Clauses

Reimbursable Expenses. If the Compensation Table set forth in Attachment C of this Approved Service Order states that the City will reimburse the Consultant for expenses, then only the expenses identified in Subsection 10.5.3 of the Master Agreement are Reimbursable Expenses unless the following box is marked and additional reimbursable expenses are set forth: In addition to the expenses identified in Subsection 10.5.3 of the Master Agreement, the following expenses are Reimbursable Expenses: Additional Reimbursable Expense(s) Mark-up
Reimbursable Expenses. 8.2.1 Reimbursable Expenses are in addition to compensation for Basic and Additional Services and include expenses incurred by the Design Professional and Design Professional's employees and consultants in the interest of the Project, as identified in the following Clauses.
Reimbursable Expenses. 5.1. Expenses of transportation and living when traveling in connection with the Project for other than regular trips included in the contract requirements, and for long distance calls. All travel outside of the State of Vermont must be approved by the State prior to the expense thereof becoming reimbursable.
Reimbursable Expenses. The Company shall in accordance with its standard policies in effect from time to time reimburse Executive for all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses actually incurred by him in the conduct of the business of the Company provided that Executive submits all substantiation of such expenses to the Company on a timely basis in accordance with such standard policies.
Reimbursable Expenses. Reimbursable expenses are shown on Exhibit B, and shall not exceed Fifteen Thousand Three Hundred and Seventy-eight dollars ($15,378.00). Expenses not listed in Exhibit B are not chargeable to City. Reimbursable expenses are included in the total not-to-exceed amount of compensation provided under this Agreement.
Reimbursable Expenses. Reimbursable Expenses incurred by the Assuming Institution for a product, service or activity may be reimbursable or recoverable by the Assuming Institution and may be included for the purpose of calculating payments relating to Shared-Loss Assets. “Reimbursable Expenses” means actual, reasonable and necessary out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the usual, prudent and lawful management of a Shared-Loss Asset which are paid to third parties by or on behalf of the Assuming Institution or its Affiliates for a Shared-Loss Quarter or a Recovery Quarter, as applicable, in respect of the following expenditure:
Reimbursable Expenses. Payments for authorized reimbursable expenses incurred by the Design Professional and the Design Professional’s consultants shall be paid monthly based on documented costs.
Reimbursable Expenses. If the Servicer provides access to the Review Materials at one of its properties, if a detailed invoice is submitted on or before the first day of a month, the Servicer will reimburse the Asset Representations Reviewer for its reasonable travel expenses incurred in connection with the Review, however if all or a portion of such travel expenses that are then due and payable are not paid within 30 days of receipt of such invoice, then such unpaid travel expenses will be paid by the Issuing Entity in accordance with the priority of payments set forth in Section 5.04(b) of the Sale and Servicing Agreement or Section 5.04(b) of the Indenture, as applicable.
Reimbursable Expenses. In addition to the fees paid under Section 3.1 above, the Fund agrees to reimburse the Transfer Agent for reimbursable expenses, including but not limited to special mailings, postage, and other expenses incurred at the direction of the Fund or with advance written approval of the Fund.