Work Completed Sample Clauses

Work Completed. The Work for which a Payment is requested has been completed in a good and workmanlike manner, and complies with Exhibit “A”, the Permits, and all Government Regulations.
Work Completed. Prior to execution of this Agreement, CaptureQuest has performed the following services in connection with the development of the Customized System and/or the Templates: 50% of creative requirements completed, 75% of the front end completed, and 25% of the back end completed.
Work Completed. All work on each Lot and Home financed under the Construction Facility that is required to have been completed for such Lot and Home to satisfy the requirements for the Percentage of Completion Value set forth for such Lot and Home in the most current Construction Facility Status Report shall have been completed and performed in a good and workmanlike manner, all materials and fixtures usually installed and furnished at such stage of construction shall have been furnished and installed, and all construction materials and fixtures shall have been incorporated in the Homes on such Lots, all substantially in accordance with the Plans and Specifications and all Governmental Requirements.
Work Completed. The Work for which an Advance is requested has been completed in a good and workmanlike manner, and complies with the Construction Contract (if any), the Supplier Contracts, the Plans, the Permits, and all Government Regulations.
Work Completed. In the event of a termination or suspension pursuant to this Article, Contractor shall not be relieved of any responsibilities for the completed portions of the Preconstruction Work or Work, nor shall such termination or suspension relieve any sureties of their obligations to ensure completion of the Work and to pay legitimate Claims arising out of the Work.
Work Completed. In the event of any termination for convenience, all finished or unfinished documents, data, studies, surveys, maps, models, photographs, reports of other materials prepared by Subrecipient under this Agreement shall, at the option of City, become the property of City, and Subrecipient shall be entitled to receive just and equitable compensation for any satisfactory work completed on such documents or materials prior to the termination.
Work Completed. The Work has been completed and all conditions to final payment in the Agreement, including those specified in the Project Requirements, have been satisfied.
Work Completed. Construction of the Project has been completed substantially in accordance with the Contract Documents and all labor, services, materials, and supplies used in such construction have been paid or provided for;

Related to Work Completed

  • WORK COVERED This Agreement shall cover all work coming within the jurisdiction of the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada, as established and recognized by the Building and Construction Trades Department of the Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, except transportation oil, water and gas pipeline work covered by the National Pipeline Agreement, California Shortline Agreement or the California Addendum to the National Distribution Agreement.

  • Project Completion The Project and the Work are complete.

  • Construction Completion The related Construction shall have been completed substantially in accordance with the related Plans and Specifications, the related Deed and all Applicable Laws, and such Leased Property shall be ready for occupancy and operation. All fixtures, equipment and other property contemplated under the Plans and Specifications to be incorporated into or installed in such Leased Property shall have been substantially incorporated or installed, free and clear of all Liens except for Permitted Liens.

  • Substantial Completion 9.8.1 When the Contractor considers that the Work, or a designated portion thereof which has been accepted in writing to by the State, is substantially complete as defined in Subparagraph 8.1.3 of these General Conditions, the Contractor shall prepare for submission to the Architect a list of items to be completed or corrected. The failure to include any items on such list does not alter the responsibility of the Contractor to complete all Work in accordance with the Contract Documents. When the Architect on the basis of an inspection determines that the Work or designated portion thereof is substantially complete, he will then prepare a Certificate of Substantial Completion which shall establish the Date of Substantial Completion, shall state the responsibilities of the State and the Contractor for security, maintenance, heat, utilities, damage to the Work, and insurance, and shall fix the time, which shall not exceed thirty (30) days, within which the Contractor shall complete the items listed therein. Warranties required by the Contract Documents shall commence on the Date of Substantial Completion of the Work or designated portion thereof unless otherwise provided in the Certificate of Substantial Completion. The Certificate of Substantial Completion shall be submitted to the State and the Contractor for their written acceptance of the responsibilities assigned to them in such Certificate. The Work shall not be considered substantially complete prior to the receipt of approved O & M manuals and record drawings as required by paragraph 4.11 and as required elsewhere in the Contract Documents.

  • Final Completion The full and final completion of all Work in accordance with the Contract Documents.

  • Work Schedule The Employer shall post a work schedule in ink for all employees, specifying start and finish of shifts and including surname and first initial, not later than 12:00 noon on Monday for the workweek which begins the following Monday. If the work schedule within any day is changed after posting without reasonable cause, the matter may be subject to the grievance procedure. An employee shall be guaranteed pay for the specific days in a workweek upon which he is scheduled to work, except as set forth in Article 3, Section B. It shall be the responsibility of each employee to check his work schedule. In the event a new schedule is not posted, the previous week’s schedule shall apply.

  • Construction Work The regulation at 41 C.F.R. § 60-1.3 defines “construction work” as the construction, rehabilitation, alteration, conversion, extension, demolition or repair of buildings, highways, or other changes or improvements to real property, including facilities providing utility services. The term also includes the supervision, inspection, and other onsite functions incidental to the actual construction.

  • Work Year The full-time work year for all employees employed in EA and ECE job classes shall be a minimum of 194 work days to correspond with the school year calendar.

  • Project Schedule Construction must begin within 30 days of the date set forth in Appendix A, Page 2, for the start of construction, or this Agreement may become null and void, at the sole discretion of the Director. However, the Recipient may apply to the Director in writing for an extension of the date to initiate construction. The Recipient shall specify the reasons for the delay in the start of construction and provide the Director with a new start of construction date. The Director will review such requests for extensions and may extend the start date, providing that the Project can be completed within a reasonable time frame.

  • Project Work PURCHASER shall complete the following projects in accordance with the specifications provided in Exhibits B, C, D, E, and F and written instructions from STATE. Project locations are shown on Exhibit A unless otherwise described. PURCHASER shall furnish all material unless otherwise specified.