Evaluation Instrument Sample Clauses

Evaluation Instrument. The forms used by the teacher’s evaluator. The forms are located in the Appendices of this Agreement. Copies of the observation and evaluation instruments are to be developed and will be attached to this Agreement in hard copy form.
Evaluation Instrument. The current evaluation instrument will be used and is attached as Appendix “A”. However, if either the Board or the Association feels the evaluation instrument should be reviewed, an Administrative Evaluation Review Committee will be established composed of two (2) Board representatives and three (3) Association representatives. This committee will review the evaluation criteria and evaluation instruments and submit appropriate recommendations for change to the Superintendent. The Superintendent will make the final determination of any changes to be made. Performance Pay Principles are included as a part of Appendix “A”.
Evaluation Instrument. The forms used by the counselor’s evaluator. The forms are located in Appendix H to this Negotiated Agreement.
Evaluation Instrument. Within the first twenty (20) teacher employment days of each school term, each teacher shall be apprised of the evaluation procedures and general criteria which are intended for use during that school term. Where it is anticipated a specific evaluation instrument shall be utilized, such instrument shall also be made known to all teachers not previously acquainted with same.
Evaluation Instrument. The Superintendent and Association President will collaborate on any modification to the evaluation instrument.
Evaluation Instrument. The administration shall evaluate each Bargaining Unit Member in writing using an evaluation instrument designed by the Administration, and shall provide a copy of said evaluation to each Bargaining Unit Member of the support staff.
Evaluation Instrument. The current evaluation instrument shall not be altered or otherwise changed without prior notice and consultation with unit members and the Association.