The Architect Sample Clauses

The Architect. Engineer shall utilize Owner’s project management software application e-Builder® as the primary system for all project documentation through all phases of the Project. Architect/Engineer shall follow Owner’s guidelines on the use of e-Builder®.
The Architect. 1. The Architect for the project is the one whose name appears on the Drawings in the Contract Documents. The Design- Builder will have no direct contact with the Architect except as authorized by the Commission Representative.
The Architect. ENGINEER’S DESIGN-TO BUDGET 2.5.1 (100%) The Budgeted Direct Construction Cost is: [Insert value]
The Architect. 4.1.1 (Delete and Add last sentence with) “The term
The Architect. Engineer and its consultants/sub-contractors shall give written notice of their obligations under this Agreement to labor organizations with which they have a collective bargaining or other agreement.
The Architect. Engineer shall include the nondiscrimination and compliance provisions of this Agreement in sub-contracts to perform work under the Agreement (Government Code Sections 12990, 11135, et seq., Title 2, California Code of Regulations, Section 11105).
The Architect. Engineer shall prepare during this phase a Code Analysis document set (<10 sheets). Solicit review by campus and plan check review firm designated by the campus. Resolve all comments. Coordinate with CSU Deputy Chief of Fire Safety for review/approval approach. Projects with code complexities should anticipate two (2) in-person meetings with Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM) staff in Sacramento to secure needed approvals.
The Architect. The Architect shall design and prepare the Working Drawings for the Tenant Improvements. The consultants selected by Landlord or Tenant, with the reasonable approval by the other of the selection and the scope of work and estimated fee to be charged for their services, to consult, design or perform some part of the TI Work that impacts or relies upon the Building’s structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and telecommunication systems (the “Consultants”) shall at Landlord’s or Architect’s election, review the Space Plan and Scope of TI Work Outline and the Working Documents in the course of providing their services. The cost of such Consultants (which include without limitation the Tenant’s TI Consultant) shall be part of the Costs of the TI Work and paid from the Tenant’s Allowance until that is exhausted, and then by Tenant as provided below. The cost of the Architect under its contract with the Tenant related to the Tenant Improvements shall be paid as provided in Section 5.4 below, and not with the Tenant’s Allowance. 5.