The Architect Sample Clauses

The Architect. ENGINEER shall prepare for the State a revised accounting of how the Project responds to LEED criteria.
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The Architect. Engineer shall utilize Owner’s project management software application e-Builder® as the primary system for all project documentation through all phases of the Project. Architect/Engineer shall follow Owner’s guidelines on the use of e-Builder®.
The Architect. Engineer shall provide the design intent models and drawings derived from the models in native and IFC format for the contractor’s use during construction
The Architect. ENGINEER shall prepare for the State an initial accounting of how the Project may respond to the State’s Project Requirements in the Basis of Design.
The Architect. Engineer shall provide updated documents derived from the model(s) at each Contractor’s monthly meeting and when requested and as indicated in the BIM Execution Plan.
The Architect. 1. The Architect for the project is the one whose name appears on the Drawings in the Contract Documents. The Design- Builder will have no direct contact with the Architect except as authorized by the Commission Representative.
The Architect. ENGINEER’S DESIGN-TO BUDGET 2.5.1 (100%) The Budgeted Direct Construction Cost is: [Insert value]
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The Architect. Engineer shall consider the value and suitability of alternative materials, building systems and equipment, together with other considerations based on program, budget and aesthetics in developing the design for the Project.
The Architect. Engineer recognizes that all materials to be prepared under this Contract and all City data received by the Architect/Engineer shall be kept in strictest confidence. The Architect/Engineer shall not divulge this information except as approved in writing by the Director or as otherwise required by law.
The Architect. Engineer shall prepare during this phase a Code Analysis document set (<10 sheets). Solicit review by campus and plan check review firm designated by the campus. Resolve all comments. Coordinate with CSU Deputy Chief of Fire Safety for review/approval approach. Projects with code complexities should anticipate two (2) in-person meetings with Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM) staff in Sacramento to secure needed approvals.
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