Access Agreement definition

Access Agreement means an agreement between an Access Holder and ARTC for Access Rights;
Access Agreement has the meaning given to the term "access agreement" in Section 83(1) of the Act;
Access Agreement means a landlord consent, bailee letter or warehouseman’s letter, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Agent, in favor of Agent executed by such landlord, bailee or warehouseman, as applicable, for any third party location.

Examples of Access Agreement in a sentence

  • The General Terms and Conditions for Storage Facility Access shall regulate – in form of Appendix D of the Agreement on Storage Facility Access (Agreement) - general conditions in respect of the contractual relationship between SSO and the Storage Customer.

  • No 2009-10 (NUA MIS data) XXXX - 66.7% White - 60.2% Margin to remain at or above - 5% Margin to remain at or above - 5% Margin to remain at or above - 5% Margin to remain at or above - 5% This is not a new target but has been disagregated from the target covering 'Success' in the previous Access Agreement which included the three discrete categories of students within one target.

  • Boeing and DOE have entered into an Access Agreement dated December 20, 2013 (“Access Agreement”) that establishes, among other things, the terms, covenants and conditions under which DOE and its representatives, agents, contractors and subcontractors (“DOE Parties”) may enter property owned by Boeing at the SSFL to conduct certain activities.

  • At a corporate level, this Access Agreement is the responsibility of the Deputy Vice- Chancellor, working closely with the Director of Student and Learning Services and other senior management in directorates and in faculties.

  • Subject to Section 7.23(a), use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver to the Administrative Agent a Collateral Access Agreement with respect to any leased location where Collateral with a fair market value (as determined by the Borrower in good faith) of at least $250,000 is located within forty-five (45) days (or such longer period of time as may be agreed to by the Administrative Agent in its reasonable discretion) of the date on which such location first qualified for this requirement.

More Definitions of Access Agreement

Access Agreement means an agreement entered into between Operators whereby the Access Provider provides access to the Facilities and/or Service to the Access Seeker in accordance with the terms therein contained.
Access Agreement means an agreement:
Access Agreement means a landlord consent and/or bailee letter, substantially in the forms of Exhibit C-1 and C-2 respectively, in favor of Agent executed by the applicable landlord or bailee and the applicable Loan Party.
Access Agreement has the meaning given in the Access Undertaking.
Access Agreement. , in respect of a user, means —
Access Agreement means an agreement under the Code between a network service provider and another person (a “network user”) for that person to have access to services;
Access Agreement has the meaning ascribed to it in Part A of the Network Code; "Access charges review" has the meaning ascribed to it by Schedule 4A to the Act; "Access Dispute Resolution Rules" and "ADRR" have the meaning ascribed to them in Part A of the Network Code; "Access Proposal" has the meaning ascribed to it in Part D of the Network Code;