Font Sample Clauses

Font. Conformemente ai termini e alle condizioni della presente Licenza, Vi è consentito utilizzare i font inclusi nel Software Apple per visualizzare e stampare il contenuto dello stesso mentre in esecuzione; tuttavia Vi è consentito integrare i font solamente nei contenuti per i quali è consentito conformemente alle restrizioni relative al font in questione. Tali restrizioni di integrazione sono disponibili nel pannello “Mostra informazioni font” del menu Anteprima di Libro Font.
Font. 2200 Any underlined, italicized, bold-faced, upper captioned or other font style are for ease of reading and 2201 contract administration only and do not imply relative importance or unimportance of any provision of 2202 this Agreement.
Font. Not Bold, Underline For 2017 collective bargaining, on a one-time without prejudice or precedent basis, the Company will provide payment to the Union in the amount of $15,000 towards its bargaining costs. 11/147/173 MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING REGARDING CONCERN RESOLUTION PROCESS The parties recognize that the various steps in Concern Resolution Process set out in the National CBA include specific committees, such as the Concern Resolution Sub Committee (CRSC) and the Employee Relations Review Committee (ERRC) which are officially comprised of a specific number of individuals officially representing both the Union and the Company. Despite the official composition of these committees as set out in the National CBA, both parties recognize that from time to time, it may be convenient and desirable for either party to delegate alternative individuals to attend these meetings in a support or administrative role, where such individuals may be familiar with the facts of particular cases being discussed, and where the assistance of these individuals may be valuable in terms of resolving an issue in dispute. At the Concern Resolution Sub Committee level, the parties agree that the Union’s National Representative may choose to delegate an Alternate to attend on his/her behalf; and in the Company’s case, it is agreed that the Divisional Human Resources Manager will be allowed to attend for the purposes of providing assistance and support to the plant General Manager. Where the Employee Relations Review Committee is concerned, the parties agree that where necessary, the Company and the Union may invite additional individuals to attend such meetings on an ad hoc basis to help provide information and render assistance to the Concern Resolution Process, but such individuals shall not otherwise be entitled to participate as formal committee members for the purposes of decision making. 11/147/173 MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (DPSP SERVICE FACTORS) During negotiations, the parties discussed situations where terminated employees lose their current service factor in the Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (“DPSP”) as a result of their discharge, but who are then subsequently reinstated to active employment through the Concern Resolution Process. The parties understand that the terms of the DPSP and Income Tax Act require an employee to dispose of their stock units within the DPSP within 90 days of termination, and that once such stock units are sold and withdrawn by the employee, the...
Font a copyrighted work of graphics consisting of the Font Marks. The author of the Font is Denis Rodionovich Serebryakov.
Font. The font used for Vitreaâ 2 is Xxxxxxx Italics. In written documentation, such as a Microsoft Word document, it can appear in a standard Times New Roman font.
Font. Bold Captain Sam's Spit (subject to reservations in Section 16(fg)) Parking Area for Captain Sam’s Spit Cougar Island Park at Ocean Park (formerly Cougar Island) The Property Owner shall determine the specific alignments of all trails, including access to the trail system from new Development areas. Dedication of trail segments to KICA shall occur in conjunction with plat approval for adjacent subdivisions or rights-of-way.
Font. Each individual Short Story must be typed in 12 point and in Courier, New Courier, or Times New Roman typeface ONLY. Title PageThe Title Page of the Short Story must only contain the TITLE of the Short Story and the BRIEF SYNOPSIS.
Font. The Xxxxxxxxx logo is considered art and the font type, spacing, bold, cannot be modified.
Font. Bold, Not All caps
Font. The Diamond 10 Technology logo is considered art and the font type, spacing, bold, cannot be modified.