Ethical Behavior Sample Clauses

Ethical Behavior. Upon termination by the Bank of your employment for any reason, you shall act at all times in an ethical manner with regard to, and during the one-year period following the date of such termination, shall take no action which directly or indirectly has or could reasonably be expected to have the effect of terminating or otherwise adversely affecting the relationship of the Bank with any employees of, or others with business or advantageous relationships with, the Bank or any of its affiliates.
Ethical Behavior. In performing its obligations under the Contract, Buyer shall conduct its business in an ethical manner and hold its workforce, employees, contractors, and agents accountable for ethical behavior. Buyer shall ensure that its workforce, employees, contractors, and agents are aware of their contribution to product conformity and safety. Seller reserves the right to request training documentation from Buyer in order to verify that ethical behavior expectations are being communicated to Buyer’s workforce, employees, and agents.
Ethical Behavior. The student intern will behave ethically in all matters while working for the supervising organization and will conduct business affairs with honesty, integrity, and good judgment.
Ethical Behavior. It is important that supplier shall understand the ethical behavior as per clause 2.2 and communicate the same within supplier’s organization as well as sub supplier organization.
Ethical Behavior. Supplier shall follow ethical behavior tends to be good for business and involves demonstrating respect for key moral principles that include honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights. Supplier shall uphold the protection of CustomersIntellectual properties and Anti-trust practices. Season has no tolerance for bribery or corruption in any aspect of its business.
Ethical Behavior. 4.1 The Seller is aware that the Buyer’s Business Policy prohibits the giving of any bribe or facilitation payment, and the Seller undertakes to comply with the Policy.
Ethical Behavior. Buyer commits to upholding its social responsibility in all business dealings. In all its business activities and decisions, Buyer shall respect the laws and any other applicable provisions in force. Buyer assures not to practice or tolerate any form of corruption, extortion or embezzlement. Unethical behavior may not be used to unlawfully influence others in business dealings by exchanging gifts or offering or granting other benefits either at home or abroad. The same applies to the unlawful acceptance of benefits.
Ethical Behavior. Contractor shall not offer or pay any bribe to any individual or corporation. When other individuals or organizations are required to participate in the activities covered by this Agreement, they shall be compensated fairly based on the tasks performed. In no circumstances are public servants or holders of public office to be offered or paid any bribe or other benefit, direct or indirect. No contribution in any way related to Aegis shall be made by Contractor to candidates for public office or to political parties or other political organizations, regardless of whether such contributions are permitted by local laws.
Ethical Behavior. The Contractor is committed to a policy of fair, honest and ethical business practices and conduct, and to full compliance with all applicable laws and governmental regulations; the Contractor accepts the foregoing policy as a governing principle of its supply relationship with TenCate. TenCate prohibits its employees from using their positions for personal financial gain, or from accepting any personal advantage from anyone under circumstances which might reasonably be interpreted as an attempt to influence the recipients in the conduct of their official duties. The Contractor and its employees shall not, under circumstances which might reasonably be interpreted as an attempt to influence the recipients in the conduct of their duties, extend any gratuity or special favor to employees of TenCate.