County agency definition

County agency means the county social service board in each of the counties of the state.
County agency means the county social service board.

Examples of County agency in a sentence

  • Post personal photographs or provide similar means of personal recognition that may cause them to be identified as a Cowley County Agency Employee.

  • County Agency: An organization in county government that is responsible for the oversight and administration of specific departments at the direction of the County Manager.

  • The Purchasing Coordinator will determine whether one or more of the following provisions should apply and will notify the requesting County Agency of his/her determination.

  • Any powers granted to or duties imposed upon the POTW Manager may be delegated by the Manager to other County Agency or Local Unit personnel.

  • The acceptance of any gratuity in the form of cash, merchandise, or any other thing of value by an official or employee of any County Agency from a vendor or contractor, or prospective vendor or contractor shall be cause for disciplinary action.

More Definitions of County agency

County agency means a county department of social ser- vices under s. 46.215 or 46.22, Stats., or a county department of human services under s. 46.23, Stats.
County agency means a county social services depart- ment under s. 46.215 or 46.22, Stats., a county human services department under s. 46.23, Stats., or a county child support agency designated under s. 59.53 (5), Stats.
County agency means the county department or office designated to recover medical assistance benefits from the estates of decedents.
County agency means a board of county commissioners or other legislative and governing body of a county, however styled, including that of a consolidated or metropolitan government, a clerk of the circuit court, a separate or ex officio clerk of the county court, a sheriff, a property appraiser, a tax collector, a supervisor of elections, or any other officer in whom any portion of the fiscal duties of the above are under law separately placed. [Section 11.45(1)(b), Florida Statutes]
County agency means the public body or official as designated by the Genesee County Board of Commissioners pursuant to the provisions of Public Act 342 of the 1939 Public Acts of Michigan, being MCL 46.171 et seq., as amended (the “County Public Improvement Act”). The County Agency has established and organized the Genesee County Water and Waste Services Division (“GCWWSD”) to administer, implement and enforce the provisions of Act 342 and Genesee County’s Sewer Use Ordinance. Accordingly, for purposes of this Agreement, “GCWWSD” may also be used to refer to the “County Agency.”
County agency means an agency created or controlled by a county board of commissioners or a county executive, a board of county road commissioners, or an office of the county drain commissioner.