Plan Trustee definition

Plan Trustee means the Person appointed pursuant to Article V of the Plan and the Plan Trust Agreement for the purpose of acting as Trustee of the Plan Trust in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in the Plan, the Plan Trust Agreement and the Confirmation Order.
Plan Trustee means any of the persons acting as trustee of the Plan Trust pursuant to Section 7.4 of the Plan.
Plan Trustee means Bank of New York Mellon, in its capacity as the directed trustee of the Plan Trust.

Examples of Plan Trustee in a sentence

  • The Plan Trustee may, with the consent and approval of the Trust Advisory Committee and the Futures Representative, reassign such Direct Action to such holder at any time.

  • Service of legal process may be made upon a Plan Trustee or the Plan Administrator.

  • The Plan Trustee shall have the power to administer, amend, supplement or modify the TDP in accordance with the terms thereof.

  • The shopper will select what is most likely to help the child in his/her considered judgment—which may be informed by multidisciplinary review and collaboration, but which is not subordinate to a consensus demand.

  • The Plan Trustee, each member of the TAC, the Futures Representative and the Representatives of each of the foregoing will have a lien upon the Plan Trust Assets which will be prior to any lien thereon, and the Plan Trust will grant a security interest in the Plan Trust Assets, all proceeds thereof and all accounts into which such proceeds or the Plan Trust Assets are deposited or maintained to secure payment of amounts payable to them as compensation or indemnification.

More Definitions of Plan Trustee

Plan Trustee shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in the definition ofBeneficial Owner” herein;
Plan Trustee means the trustee and/or insurance company appointed by the Company to be the administrator of the Plan and custodian of the Plan's assets.
Plan Trustee means Person designated by the Creditors’ Committee in consultation with the Debtors for such position in the Plan Supplement or such other Person subsequently appointed as trustee for the Plan Trust in accordance with the Plan Trust Agreement.
Plan Trustee means, [ *** ], and for all other purposes, State Street Bank and Trust Company, each in their capacity as trustee for one or more trusts that hold Plan Assets and, in each case, any successor thereto.
Plan Trustee means that person(s) or entity nominated and approved by the Board pursuant to Section 4.01 and 4.02 to hold legal title to the Plan assets for the purposes set forth herein.
Plan Trustee means a Plan Trustee appointed by NXT pursuant to the terms of an employee benefit plan trust agreement providing for contributions by NXT to a trust created thereunder for the purpose of purchasing Shares on the open market to be delivered to holders of Unit Awards pursuant to Section 5(c)(iii);