Assistance to the Sample Clauses

Assistance to the. Data Controller in ensuring compliance with the obligation to notify the data subject of a data breach

Related to Assistance to the

  • Transition Assistance If this Contract is not renewed at the end of this term, if the Contract is otherwise terminated before project completion, or if particular work on a project is terminated for any reason, Contractor shall provide transition assistance for a reasonable, mutually agreed period of time after the expiration or termination of this Contract or particular work under this Contract. The purpose of this assistance is to allow for the expired or terminated portion of the services to continue without interruption or adverse effect, and to facilitate the orderly transfer of such services to State or its designees. The parties agree that such transition assistance is governed by the terms and conditions of this Contract, except for those terms or conditions that do not reasonably apply to such transition assistance. State shall pay Contractor for any resources utilized in performing such transition assistance at the most current Contract rates. If State terminates a project or this Contract for cause, then State may offset the cost of paying Contractor for the additional resources Contractor utilized in providing transition assistance with any damages State may have sustained as a result of Contractor’s breach.

  • EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM The District’s Educational Assistance Program will be continued during the life of this Agreement. Employees who wish to enroll in job-related and promotion oriented courses, which will improve their job knowledge, and performance will be compensated by the District for expenses as follows:

  • Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) Consulting Teachers (CT) will be assigned to all new teachers with no prior teaching experience and tenured teachers rated ineffective on the qualitative measures at the end of the previous school year and recommended by the PAR Panel. Evaluations for Probationary and Ineffective Teachers:

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