School board definition

School board means the governing board of directors of the local school district.
School board means the governing body of the school district.

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School board members also participate in training sessions provided by the Alabama Association of School Boards (AASB) in order to earn professional development hours and maintain a high level of understanding with regards to current topics in education.

The general goal of the nutrition policy of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School board is to motivate students to eat properly by offering, on the one hand, food services favouring the consumption of nutritious foods and, on the other hand, by modifying their attitudes and behaviour towards healthy foods.

SEDOL School board Policy 4:120 SEDOL School Procedures 4:120 AP South School provides a hot lunch daily for $3.00.

School board policies and practices support the successful operation of the system and its schools.

School board members should presume that any e-mail that they receive or send related to school district business is a record and should take steps to preserve such e-mail consistent with the guidance provided herein.

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School board means any board of education participating in the system by order appropriate to its governmental structure, as provided in KRS 78.530, and if the board is willing to accept the agency or corporation, the board being hereby granted the authority to determine the eligibility of the agency to participate;
School board means the governing body of a school district.
School board means the board of education of a school district and the governing authority of any nonpublic school;