School board definition

School board means the governing board of directors of the local school district.
School board means the governing body of the school district.

Examples of School board in a sentence

  • The Wichita School board commissioned a great number of school buildings to accommodate a growing population in the pre-war and early war-time years.

  • School board and governing authority; student; immunization against certain contagious diseases; exception.

  • The Petitioners allege: The board's policy states (Procedure 178, Section 4): 'School board officials will attempt to respond to all reasonable questions relevant to the accommodation review during the ARC meetings.

  • School board and governing authority; immunization clinics; request assistance.

  • School board election will be held tomorrow, September 9th, from 12 noon until 8:00 p.m. at the Lied Library.

More Definitions of School board

School board means any board of education participating in the system by order appropriate to its governmental structure, as provided in KRS 78.530, and if the board is willing to accept the agency or corporation, the board being hereby granted the authority to determine the eligibility of the agency to participate;
School board means the school board or board of school directors in charge of the schools of a school district.
School board means a board as defined in subsection 1 (1) of the Education Act; (“conseil scolaire”)
School board means the school board that governs a school division.