Hard copy definition

Hard copy means any documents, records, reports, or other data printed on paper.
Hard copy means any information which is procured from an alternate storage facility such as microfilm, microfiche or electronic data processing and reproduced into proper form.
Hard copy means information set forth in paper form;

Examples of Hard copy in a sentence

  • However, if there is any dispute between Hard copy and Soft copy, Hard copy will be taken.

  • Bidders can submit their tenders through either of two modes, i.e. Hard copy submission or Email submission.

  • Off line OR Hard copy will not be accepted.GSECL reserves all the rights to accept / reject any OR all tenders without assigning any reasons thereof.Bidders should be in touch with the above websites for information regarding revision / corrigendum / amendment in tender till due date of online submission and thereafter.No separate correspondence will be done in this regard.All interested supplier may take the details from the above web site for this Tenders .

  • Hard copy Tickets will be delivered to the billing address of the Ticket Purchaser.

  • IF THE PERSON IS A/AN H = Hard copy must be on file in office making the change.D = Supporting documentation is required to make the change.

More Definitions of Hard copy

Hard copy means and refer to a legible and durable copy of an Original Document.
Hard copy means a document in paper form.
Hard copy means the same as in CA06;
Hard copy. , in relation to a document, means a document that is written on paper;
Hard copy means a paper-based record keeping system that is readable without the use of a special device , i.e., computer, microfiche reader, etc.
Hard copy means information set forth in paper form.
Hard copy means information set forth in paper form and ‘hard copies’ shall have corresponding meanings;