To delegate Sample Clauses

To delegate. Power (notwithstanding any rule of law to the contrary) by deed or deeds revocable during the Trust Period or irrevocable to delegate to any person or persons (including one or more of themselves) for any period and upon such terms and conditions as they shall think fit the execution or exercise of all or any of the trusts powers and discretions by this Deed or by law conferred on the Trustees in respect of all or such part or parts of the capital or the income subject to these trusts as are specified in such deed or deeds.
To delegate. The Trustees shall have power:

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  • Delegate A person expressly designated to act on behalf of another in certain matters. Department A department, as duly constituted by the Senate and the Board. Emergency (for appointment purposes) An emergency is an unforeseen circumstance for which there is not enough time to follow regular appointment procedure and the program requires that the course be offered. Employer The Board of Trustees of the University. Faculty An academic Faculty (including the School of Business), as duly constituted by the Senate and the Board. Fiscal Year A period of twelve (12) calendar months which commences on the first day of May and ends on the last day of April in the next calendar year, inclusive. For the Record An electronic bulletin board where announcements are made regarding, among other matters, important personnel matters of the University.

  • No Delegation The Asset Representations Reviewer may not delegate or subcontract its obligations under this Agreement to any Person without the consent of the Issuer, the Sponsor and the Servicer.

  • Union Delegates 46.1 The employer recognises the right of all employees to join a union, to access meaningful union representation, to participate collectively in workplace issues, and to collectively bargain through their union.

  • RESERVED RIGHT TO DELEGATE DUTIES AND SERVICES TO OTHERS The Manager in assuming responsibility for the various services as set forth in this Agreement reserves the right to enter into agreements with others for the performance of certain duties and services or to delegate the performance of some or all of such duties and services to Principal Life Insurance Company, or one or more affiliates thereof; provided, however, that entry into any such agreements shall not relieve the Manager of its duty to review and monitor the performance of such persons to the extent provided in the agreements with such persons or as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.

  • Delegates MPI will promote and support the role of delegates in the workplace. Reasonable paid time will be allocated to delegates to carry out their role effectively within and beyond the workplace (subject to arrangements agreed between the PSA and MPI dealing with notice, timing etc.). This includes time for recruitment, to meet with new and potential members, other delegates and PSA officials over employment matters and/or union business, and attending regional and national PSA and other union forums. Delegates will be introduced to new employees as part of the induction process. MPI and PSA will agree an annual allocation of a reasonable number of paid days, inclusive of any statutory entitlements, to enable delegates to attend training, including union delegate training.

  • No Assignment or Delegation The contractor may not assign or delegate this contract, or any part of it, or any right to any of the money to be paid under it, except with the written consent of the Project Director and the Agency Head.

  • Delegation of Responsibilities The Advisor is authorized to delegate any or all of its rights, duties and obligations under this Agreement to one or more sub-advisors, and may enter into agreements with sub-advisors, and may replace any such sub-advisors from time to time in its discretion, in accordance with the 1940 Act, the Advisers Act, and rules and regulations thereunder, as such statutes, rules and regulations are amended from time to time or are interpreted from time to time by the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), and if applicable, exemptive orders or similar relief granted by the SEC and upon receipt of approval of such sub-advisors by the Board of Trustees and by shareholders (unless any such approval is not required by such statutes, rules, regulations, interpretations, orders or similar relief).

  • Delegated Duties The Sub-Advisor hereby delegates to the U.K. Sub-Advisor and the U.K. Sub-Advisor accepts responsibility for performing such investment advice and research services, particularly with respect to issuers, companies, governments and economic conditions located outside of the U.S. and Canada, principally in the U.K. and Europe, with respect to all or a portion of the investments of each Portfolio, in connection with the Sub-Advisor's duties under the Sub-Advisory Agreement, as may be requested by the Sub-Advisor. The services and the portion of the investments of each Portfolio advised by the U.K. Sub-Advisor shall be as agreed upon from time to time by the Sub-Advisor and the U.K.

  • Delegation of Responsibility The ISO may use the services of subcontractors as it deems appropriate to perform its obligations under these Large Facility Interconnection Procedures. The ISO shall remain primarily liable to the Developer for the performance of such subcontractors and compliance with its obligations under these Large Facility Interconnection Procedures. The subcontractor shall keep all information provided confidential and shall use such information solely for the performance of such obligation for which it was provided and no other purpose.

  • COMMITTEES AND REPRESENTATIVES C-1 The parties agree that nurse representatives and committee members as provided for in Article 6, may be from either the full-time or part-time Bargaining Unit, and shall represent both Bargaining Units. It is understood that the total number of nurses as nurse representatives or committee members shall not exceed the following: