The Superintendent Sample Clauses

The Superintendent. President shall communicate the decision to the grievant within ten (10) workdays. If the Superintendent/President does not respond within the time limits provided, the grievant may appeal to the next level.
The Superintendent. President or his/her designee may, in his/her sole discretion, approve short term personal leave of up to 30 days to any permanent unit member to meet emergency situations which arise out of circumstances which are unpredictable and unavoidable.
The Superintendent. President, or his/her designee, shall communicate the decision to the grievant in writing within ten (10) days of receiving the appeal. Either the grievant, the Superintendent/President, or his/her designee, may request a personal conference within the above time limits.
The Superintendent. Designate shall prepare and deliver a written response to the teacher and Coordinator of Teacher welfare within ten (10) operational days from the date of the meeting noted above.
The Superintendent of Human Resources will offer to a Teacher who is declared redundant to the system, (either totally or for one semester), the Teacher's choice of one of the following alternatives to regular full-time employment:
The Superintendent designee shall make the final decision regarding the assignment of teachers, and shall notify the teachers as soon as practical. When the site/department determines that a specific assignment is hard to fill or highly requested, it may be rotated as determined by the site administrator with input from staff. This rotation may also be applied to the assignment of Additional Duty as listed in Article 5.
The Superintendent s decision shall be made in writing within fifteen (15) calendar days, unless such time is mutually extended by both parties; however, the time may not be extended beyond ninety (90) days from the date the non-probationary Teacher filed the Notice of Appeal. A copy of the Superintendent’s written decision shall be provided to the Association, the non-probationary Teacher, and the evaluator.
The Superintendent. President may conduct a review of the matter themselves, including requesting meetings with the employee and other parties concerned. These meetings may be held separately or together with the involved parties. The decision of the Superintendent/President on the grievance shall be in writing, and shall be issued within ten (10) days after the filing of the grievance, at this level.
The Superintendent. Designee shall discuss with the Association President the rationale behind the reduction and give the Association, through its President, a copy of the proposed RIF list at least fifteen (15) days prior to Board action on said Reduction in Force.
The Superintendent or Designee may make an assignment on a temporary basis for a Paraprofessional’s position in the event of a Paraprofessional illness, a Paraprofessional voluntarily or involuntarily leaving the District, or newly created Paraprofessional position after the first Paraprofessional workday. Such an assignment would expire at the end of the school year and the employee would retain seniority in their original classification.