Collective Bargaining Sample Clauses

Collective Bargaining. The School shall be subject to collective bargaining under Ch. 89, HRS, and shall comply with the master agreements as negotiated by the State; provided that the School may enter into supplemental collective bargaining agreements that contain cost and non-cost items to facilitate decentralized decision-making. The School shall provide a copy of any supplemental collective bargaining agreement to the Commission.
Collective Bargaining. To the extent any provision of this Agreement is contrary to the provisions of any collective bargaining agreement to which ATI or any Affiliate of ATI is a party, the terms of such collective bargaining agreement shall prevail. Should any provisions of this Agreement be deemed to relate to a topic determined by an appropriate authority to be a mandatory subject of collective bargaining, ATI or Water Pik may be obligated to bargain with the union representing affected employees concerning those subjects. Neither party will agree to a modification of any collective bargaining agreement without the consent of the other.
Collective Bargaining. If notice of desire for changes has been given in accordance with Section 3 above, the parties shall, as soon as agreeable to the parties following such date of notice, meet for collective bargaining, the Company being represented in such negotiations by a Bargaining Committee appointed by the Company, and the Union being represented by a Bargaining Committee selected by said Union. Any agreement on changes arrived at and approved in such negotiations shall be binding upon the parties to this Agreement. If such negotiations cannot be completed prior to the May 1 following the date on which such notice was given, any changes in compensation to employees shall nevertheless be retroactive to the said May 1.
Collective Bargaining. Within fourteen (14) days of the date of notice under Article 27.2 of this Agreement, the Union and the Employer shall commence collective bargaining for the purpose of reaching agreement as to the effects of the technological change and in what way, if any, this Agreement should be amended.
Collective Bargaining. A. All collective bargaining with respect to hours, wages and other conditions of employment shall be conducted by authorized representatives of the Union and the Town.