Where necessary Sample Clauses

Where necessary the Supplier shall make every effort to carry out the maintenance and repair work, or have it carried out, as quickly as possible.
Where necessary the appropriate authorities of either Contracting Party shall have the right to search, without causing unreasonable delay, the aircraft of the other Contracting Party operating in the territory of the first Contracting Party.
Where necessary d) Xxxx shall select for this verification the activation requests pertaining to a minimum volume of 5% of Qtech max (value defined in Annex 1) when the interval with the following activation request is superior to 5 minutes.
Where necessary. CSIRO will identify and appoint a person with the necessary skills, experience and qualifications, suitable to all parties to fulfil the role.
Where necessary the University will provide the employee with an appropriate on- call kit which may include suitable transport arrangements and suitable means of communication.

Related to Where necessary

  • Minimum Necessary BA, its agents and subcontractors shall request, use and disclose only the minimum amount of Protected Information necessary to accomplish the purpose of the request, use or disclosure. [42 U.S.C. Section 17935(b); 45 C.F.R. Section 164.514(d)] BA understands and agrees that the definition of “minimum necessary” is in flux and shall keep itself informed of guidance issued by the Secretary with respect to what constitutes “minimum necessary.”

  • All Necessary Permits, etc The Company and each subsidiary possess such valid and current certificates, authorizations or permits issued by the appropriate state, federal or foreign regulatory agencies or bodies necessary to conduct their respective businesses, and neither the Company nor any subsidiary has received any notice of proceedings relating to the revocation or modification of, or non-compliance with, any such certificate, authorization or permit which, singly or in the aggregate, if the subject of an unfavorable decision, ruling or finding, could result in a Material Adverse Change.