Superior Sample Clauses

Superior. Unless existing benefits, rights, privileges, practices, terms or conditions of employment which may be considered to be superior to those contained herein are specifically retained by this Agreement, they shall be deemed not to continue in effect.
Superior. Monday through Friday (9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., closed weekends and holidays).•
Superior itg Hote3First House in Town • 3-Star HotelExclusive single, double & triple rooms with shower/WC, minibar• Suites equipped with modern appliances such as kitchenette, microwave, coffee machine, DVD player, balcony• Apartments for families fully equipped with modern appliances, two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, microwave, coffee machine, bathroom/WC, DVD player or video recorder• Appliances for entire hotel: Wireless LAN, color tv, ASTRA, Premiere Pay-tv, direct dial phone, washers & dryers, saunaOur bistro is open daily from 0700 to 2400 hrs# itg Breakfast Buffet • Lunches (like Mom’s) from 4.80 € to 6.50 € • Take away mealsTheodor Heuss Ring 15 phone: +49 (0)2451 627-052511 Geilenkirchen fax: +49 (0)2451 627300Hote3 *** e-mail: URL: Rumpenerstraat 49 6443 CC Brunssum Phone +31 (0)45 564 01 58 www.elcomal.nl29 June 2012 NATO Skywatch 5 Squadron 2 Lions celebrate 30 Year Jubilee in Afghanistan; Fly 500th OAA MissionTheir squadron’s deployment motto may have been “ROTO 18 - Hostile and Uncooperative.” However, they were anything but. Squadron 2, their maintainers, CIS personnel and the support team kicked off their 37-day deploymentby aggressively taking on the build up of the Morale and Welfare Activity (MWA) facility, celebrating the E-3A Component’s 30 Year Anniversary, flying the 500th combat mission sortie over Afghanistan and raising money to help fight cancer. The outgoing Force Element Commander, Lt. Col. Helmut Diwo, had laid much of the ground work for the MWA by organizing the material and equipment. Squadron 2 provided extra on site engineering and on demand construction teams to build the “Runway 27/09” walk strip, GK (East) Tower, Outside Deck, and a MacGuyver-esque brick grill that will last for years to come and be enjoyed by those that follow. During the build-up process, Squadron 2 worked with OFWKira Weber, of the German FeldJagerEinsKP, in Mazar-e Sharif on a very unique fund-raiser, a multi- hundred euro head shaving and haircutting event. The “victim” was hesitant to take part but agreed to only on condition that 400 euro would be raised.Lt. Col. Thorsten “TOAST” Hinrichsen organized the high speed/low drag haircutting fund drive and people were lining up to drop their eurosin the hat.
Superior all personnel of a higher rank or grade than the subject employee. E5
Superior. The Employee who is deemed to supervise a group of Employees, a department, and/or part of the organization. The Employer shall decide who is or is not to be considered a superior, while the job description shall be decisive, in principle.
Superior. Performance is between the levels described for Exceptional and Fully Successful. Performance outcomes and/or results of the employee’s leadership surpassed expectations by exceeding the majority of performance requirements. Effectiveness and contributions may have had an impact beyond the executive’s purview and performance is well beyond what is expected or required for the position. Consistently demonstrated the highest level of integrity and accountability in achieving all program objectives and management goals. Served as a source of leadership and motivation for peers and subordinates.
Superior. If any Mortgagee shall elect to have this Lease superior to the lien of the applicable mortgage, deed of trust or ground lease, and shall give written notice thereof to Tenant, this Lease shall be deemed prior to such mortgage, deed of trust or ground lease, whether this Lease is dated prior or subsequent to the date of said mortgage, deed of trust or ground lease or the date of recording thereof.
Superior. Shallow Deep Conventional group 3D group Inferior r1 =1 mm r2 =2 mm