Collective Agreements Sample Clauses

Collective Agreements. There is no collective agreement which directly affects Executive's employment hereunder.
Collective Agreements. There are no collective agreements affecting the terms and conditions of employment of the Employee. THE EMPLOYEE ACKNOWLEDGES THAT HE HAS CAREFULLY READ THIS AGREEMENT AND UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES TO ALL OF THE PROVISIONS IN THIS AGREEMENT.
Collective Agreements. 32.1 There are no collective agreements currently in force which affect directly or indirectly the terms and conditions of the Executive’s employment.
Collective Agreements. The City shall not negotiate nor make any collective bargaining agreement or contract with any of the employees working in classifications covered herein individually or collectively. Any agreements entered into between the City and employees covered herein shall be through duly authorized representatives of the Union. Any other agreements shall be of no effect.
Collective Agreements. (a) There is no Collective Agreement in force with respect to the Company Employees nor is there any Contract with any employee association in respect of the Company Employees.
Collective Agreements. The Association acknowledges and agrees that nothing in this Agreement supersedes any duties and responsibilities of the Park Board or the City under any and all collective agreements with trade unions certified to represent employees of the Park Board/City.
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