Personal Appearance Sample Clauses

Personal Appearance. Uniformed personnel must be clean and neat in appearance while on duty.
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Personal Appearance. 19.01 Each employee agrees that he or she will adhere to the grooming and hygiene standards of the Employer as set out in the Employee Handbook.
Personal Appearance. The personal appearance of a teacher should reflect his/her status as a teacher.
Personal Appearance. All teachers shall maintain dress, grooming and personal appearance consistent with their area of teaching.
Personal Appearance. Personnel shall maintain a neat and clean appearance while on duty and/or in uniform.
Personal Appearance. Consider: Neat, well groomed. Comments: Staff Response Supervisor Response
Personal Appearance. Teachers shall maintain a good personal appearance, and will dress appropriately for their work assignment and environment. Should the Board adopt specific fashion requirements for professional staff, the bargaining unit shall be provided those requirements in writing.
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Personal Appearance. Employees will maintain an appropriate appearance.
Personal Appearance. All employees are expected to abide by company hygiene, uniform and appearance guidelines while on duty. Employees may not wear the uniform shirt while in the restaurant or bar during off hours. Dress, grooming, and personal cleanliness standards contribute to the morale of all employees. During business hours, employees are expected to present a clean, neat and professional appearance. You should dress and groom yourself according to the requirements of your position and accepted social standards. If your supervisor feels your personal appearance inappropriate, you may be asked to leave the workplace until you are properly dressed or groomed. Under such circumstances, you will not be compensated for the time away from work. Consult your supervisor if you have questions as to what constitutes appropriate appearance. Without unduly restricting individual tastes, the following personal appearance guidelines should be followed: • Extremes in design, fit, color, or material should be avoided; • Perfume, cologne and aftershave lotion should be used moderately or avoided altogether, as some individuals may be sensitive to strong fragrances; • Excessive makeup is not permitted; • Jewelry should not be functionally restrictive, dangerous to job performance or excessive; • Mustaches and beards must be clean, well trimmed and neat; • Hairstyles are expected to be in good taste; • Facial jewelry, such as eyebrow rings, nose rings, lip rings and tongue studs, is not and must not be worn during business hours; • Torn or soiled clothes are not acceptable. Miscellaneous/Off Duty Guidelines • Employees may not consume alcoholic beverages while on the job. Employees are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages while in the restaurant as a guest only with the permission of the manager on duty. • Employees may not redeem coupons for TOYS. • Midway employees and doormen may not play Midway games. • Employees may not study on the clock. • For safety and insurance reasons, off duty employees may not be in any work areas. • Employees are NOT allowed to sit at the bar. • Xxxxxxxxx’s Girlfriends or Boyfriends are NOT allowed to sit at their bar. • No Employees are allowed to sit at booths with a TV. These are for customers only. • For safety and insurance reasons, off duty employees may not be in any work areas. ANY FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THESE POLICIES MAY RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION, UP TO AND INCLUDING TERMINATION. I have read the entire Caboose Handbook Review and understand t...
Personal Appearance. All employees will report for work, properly attired in the approved Employer uniform. Employees will be clean shaven with their hair groomed so as to present a neat and clean appearance. Shoes will be black and will be polished and in good repair. Shoes or boots must not have a heel higher than one inch below the level of the main sole (this is a safety factor and is included in the Highway Traffic Act). Running shoes of any type are not permitted to be worn.
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