Personal Appearance Sample Clauses

Personal Appearance. 19.01 Each employee agrees that he or she will adhere to the grooming and hygiene standards of the Employer as set out in the Employee Handbook.
Personal Appearance. Consider: Neat, well groomed. Comments: Staff Response Supervisor Response
Personal Appearance. All teachers shall maintain dress, grooming and personal appearance consistent with their area of teaching.
Personal Appearance. All employees will report for work, properly attired in the approved Employer uniform. Employees will be clean shaven with their hair groomed so as to present a neat and clean appearance. Shoes will be black and will be polished and in good repair. Shoes or boots must not have a heel higher than one inch below the level of the main sole (this is a safety factor and is included in the Highway Traffic Act). Running shoes of any type are not permitted to be worn.
Personal Appearance. For greater particularity, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Union acknowledges that the Employer’s Personal Appearance and Deportment Regulations are an essential ingredient of the Employer’s business strategies and ob- jectives and are a necessary and reasonable exercise of management’s rights. The Union further acknowledges that those regulations may be amended from time to time in the sole discretion of the Employer. This does not relinquish the right of the Employer or the Union to dispute the interpretation, application or alleged xxxxx- tion of the Employer’s Personal Appearance and Deportment Regulations, but in the event that there are any disputes the Union agrees that the employees will comply with those regulations in every respect while any disputes are being resolved.
Personal Appearance. Uniformed personnel must be clean and neat in appearance while on duty.
Personal Appearance. Subject to Licensor's professional commitments, Licensor shall appear at a press conference/launch party (the "Personal Appearance"), not to exceed one (1) hour in length, in the city of San Antonio, Texas at a time and at a site mutually acceptable to Licensor and Licensee. During the Personal Appearance, Licensor agrees to autograph 50 jerseys to be provided by Licensee, provided, however, that any such autograph shall be personalized and shall refer to each recipient by name. During the Term, Licensor also agrees to autograph 150 boxes of cereal. Licensee hereby acknowledges and agrees that any items autographed by Licensor shall only be used by Licensee for promotional purposes and shall not be made available for