Cleaning Sample Clauses

Cleaning. 8.1 CONTRACTOR shall, at his own expenses, at all times keep the premises free from accumulation of debris, waste materials, and rubbish, and at the completion of the work, he shall remove his tools and equipment and all surplus materials, debris, waste material, and rubbish and shall leave the premises in a neat and clean condition. If CONTRACTOR does not attend to such cleaning immediately upon request, OWNER shall have the right to have this work done by others and deduct the cost therefore from the payment due CONTRACTOR hereunder.
Cleaning. At all times, the Contractor shall keep the Site and the Work clean and free from accumulation of waste materials or rubbish caused by the construction activities under the Contract. The Contractor shall ensure that the entire Project is thoroughly cleaned prior to requesting Substantial Completion Inspection and, again, upon completion of the Project prior to the Final Completion Inspection.
Cleaning. 29.1 The Vehicle must be returned in a reasonable state of cleanliness, completely free of mud and a cleaning fee up to $500 including GST will be charged if there is any breach of this requirement. Only assistance animals may be carried if You have prior authorisation in writing by Apollo and the cleaning fee will not apply.
Cleaning. The Roommates agree to: (check one) ☐ - Not Hire a Cleaner. Each of the Roommates agree to clean: (check one) ☐ - On their own. There shall be no specific schedule or mandatory hours to clean. ☐ - On a schedule. Each of the Roommates agree to the following cleaning schedule: . ☐ - Hire a Cleaner. A cleaner will be hired by the Roommates and the costs related shall be shared equally.
Cleaning. At the end of the application of the test mixture, the samples shall be dried in the open air and then washed with the solution described in paragraph 2.3. below (resistance to detergents) at 23 °C ± 5 °C. Afterwards the samples shall be carefully rinsed with distilled water containing not more than 0.2 per cent impurities at 23 °C ± 5 °C and then wiped off with a soft cloth.
Cleaning. Cleaning of the kitchen is the responsibility of the renter. It must be left in its original condition. Dish towels/cloths and dish detergent will be supplied. A portion of the damage deposit may be kept if additional cleaning is required. • After the event, the Lessee will be required to remove all decorations and personal items from the building at the end of the rental period. • Tables must be cleared of garbage and dishes. Linens must remain on the tables. • Lessees are not responsible for taking down tables, stacking chairs, cleaning washrooms or sweeping/washing floors.
Cleaning. The Vehicle must be returned in a reasonable state of cleanliness or You may be charged a cleaning fee up to $500. If applicable the toilet and waste water tank must both be returned empty or a $150 cleaning fee will be charged to You in respect to each tank. The Vehicle must be completely free of mud. Smoking is not permitted in the Vehicles or a cleaning & deodorising process will be necessary at a charge of $300.
Cleaning. You must thoroughly clean the apartment, including doors, windows, furniture, bathrooms, kitchen appliances, pa- tios, balconies, garages, carports, and storage rooms. You must follow move-out cleaning instructions if they have been pro- vided. If you don’t clean adequately, you’ll be liable for reason- able cleaning charges—including charges for cleaning carpets, draperies, furniture, walls, etc. that are soiled beyond normal wear (that is, wear or soiling that occurs without negligence, carelessness, accident, or abuse).
Cleaning. Landlord shall cause the Premises (excluding any portions thereof used for the storage, preparation, service or consumption of food or beverages, as an exhibition area or classroom, for storage, as a shipping room, mail room or similar purposes, for private bathrooms, showers or exercise facilities, as a trading floor, or primarily for operation of computer, data processing, reproduction, duplicating or similar equipment) to be cleaned, substantially in accordance with the standards set forth in Exhibit E attached hereto. Any areas of the Premises which Landlord is not required to clean hereunder or which require additional cleaning shall be cleaned, at Tenant’s expense, by Landlord’s cleaning contractor, at rates which shall be competitive with rates of other cleaning contractors providing comparable services to Comparable Buildings. Landlord’s cleaning contractor and its employees shall have access to the Premises to perform such services.
Cleaning. The Roommates agree to share the responsibilities of cleaning and maintaining the common grounds of the Premises, which may include dusting, vacuuming, emptying trash, mopping/sweeping floors, cleaning bathrooms, and other duties. The Roommates will divide cleaning responsibilities as follows: _ (Roommate Name) will be responsible for the following: _ _. _ (Roommate Name) will be responsible for the following: _ _. _ (Roommate Name) will be responsible for the following: _ _. _ (Roommate Name) will be responsible for the following: _ _.