Cost Savings definition

Cost Savings has the meaning assigned to it in the definition ofConsolidated EBITDA”.
Cost Savings means the Project Budget amount less the amount expended to complete the Work. Cost Savings are determined at the time the Work is completed and the final payment request is submitted by the Grantee to the State. Cost Savings do not result in payment by the State to Grantee above actual expenditures beyond the required ratio, but deobligates unexpended Grant Funds and reduces Grantee’s matching funds requirement. State shall provide written notice to Grantee verifying any Cost Savings.
Cost Savings means in respect of the supply of any goods or services under this contract, the cost savings made by the Provider as a result of New Tax System changes other than the imposition of GST on any such supply, in so far as they are properly allocated to those supplies, or any amount of any input credits available to the Provider in respect of such costs.

Examples of Cost Savings in a sentence

  • Cost savings are assessed based on the reduction of pain as measured by the visual analog scale (“VAS”), before and after participating in the Hinge Health intensive 12-week phase of the Chronic Program.

More Definitions of Cost Savings

Cost Savings means any remaining undisbursed amounts shown in any Budget as allocated to any line item, or any funds allocated to said line item that exceed the amount of the subcontract for said line item either (a) upon completion of and disbursement for all matters covered by said line item in such Budget, or (b) upon the execution by Borrower and an approved subcontractor of a subcontract for the performance of work or furnishing of materials for said line item in an amount that is less than the Approved Line Item Cost for said item.
Cost Savings is defined as excess monies identified during the final cost certification process in connection with the Note that are a result of the actual cost of a specified item being less than the projected cost expected at time of initial endorsement.
Cost Savings means and be determined as follows:
Cost Savings means the positive amount, if any, by which the Total Budgeted Development Costs exceed the actual Development Costs incurred through the Final Closing Date.
Cost Savings means either (i) the completion of any line item in the Budget without the expenditure of all amounts allocated to such line item in the Budget or (ii) demonstration by the Borrower to the Administrative Agent's reasonable satisfaction that a Cost Savings has been realized with respect to any uncompleted line item in the Budget.
Cost Savings shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.9(b) hereof.
Cost Savings means a decrease in an expenditure, including a future replacement expenditure, by a political subdivision resulting from a performance efficiency measure adopted under this chapter.