Security Interest Sample Clauses

Security Interest. (a) As security for the payment or performance, as the case may be, in full of the Obligations, each Grantor hereby assigns and pledges to the Collateral Agent, its successors and assigns, for the ratable benefit of the Secured Parties, and hereby grants to the Collateral Agent, its successors and assigns, for the ratable benefit of the Secured Parties, a security interest (the “Security Interest”), in all right, title or interest in or to any and all of the following assets and properties now owned or at any time hereafter acquired by such Grantor or in which such Grantor now has or at any time in the future may acquire any right, title or interest (collectively, the “Article 9 Collateral”):
Security Interest. Notwithstanding Section 7, Party A hereby agrees and consents to the assignment by way of security by Party B of its interests under this Agreement (without prejudice to, and after giving effect to, any contractual netting provision contained in this Agreement) to the Bond Trustee pursuant to and in accordance with the Security Agreement (as defined in the Master Definitions and Construction Agreement) and acknowledges notice of such assignment, it being noted that Party A is not assigning any of its rights hereunder under the Security Agreement. Each of the parties hereby confirms and agrees that the Bond Trustee shall not be liable for any of the obligations of Party B hereunder.
Security Interest. To secure the due and prompt payment of all Advances, together with any taxes, charges, fees, expenses, assessments, obligations, claims or liabilities incurred by the Custodian in connection with its or their performance of any duties under this Agreement (collectively, “Liabilities”), except for any Liabilities arising from or the Custodian’s negligence or willful misconduct, each Fund grants to the Custodian a security interest in all of the Fund’s Securities and other Assets now or hereafter in the possession of the Custodian and all proceeds thereof (collectively, the “Collateral”). A Fund shall promptly reimburse the Custodian for any and all such Liabilities. In the event that a Fund fails to satisfy any of the Liabilities as and when due and payable, the Custodian shall have in respect of the Collateral, in addition to all other rights and remedies arising hereunder or under local law, the rights and remedies of a secured party under the Uniform Commercial Code. Without prejudice to the Custodian’s rights under applicable law, the Custodian shall be entitled, without notice to the Fund, to withhold delivery of any Collateral, sell, set-off, or otherwise realize upon or dispose of any such Collateral and to apply the money or other proceeds and any other monies credited to the Fund in satisfaction of the Liabilities. This includes, but is not limited to, any interest on any such unpaid Liability as the Custodian deems reasonable, and all costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) incurred by the Custodian in connection with the sale, set-off or other disposition of such Collateral.
Security Interest. To secure the payment and performance of all of the Obligations when due, Borrower hereby grants to Silicon a security interest in all of Borrower's interest in the following, whether now owned or hereafter acquired, and wherever located: All Inventory, Equipment, Receivables, and General Intangibles, including, without limitation, all of Borrower's Deposit Accounts, and all money, and all property now or at any time in the future in Silicon's possession (including claims and credit balances), and all proceeds (including proceeds of any insurance policies, proceeds of proceeds and claims against third parties), all products and all books and records related to any of the foregoing (all of the foregoing, together with all other property in which Silicon may now or in the future be granted a lien or security interest, is referred to herein, collectively, as the "Collateral").
Security Interest. Although the parties intend that all Transactions hereunder be sales and purchases and not loans, in the event any such Transactions are deemed to be loans, Seller shall be deemed to have pledged to Buyer as security for the performance by Seller of its obligations under each such Transaction, and shall be deemed to have granted to Buyer a security interest in, all of the Purchased Securities with respect to all Transactions hereunder and all Income thereon and other proceeds thereof.
Security Interest. Each party, as the Pledgor, hereby pledges to the other party, as the Secured Party, as security for its Obligations, and grants to the Secured Party a first priority continuing security interest in, lien on and right of Set-off against all Posted Collateral Transferred to or received by the Secured Party hereunder. Upon the Transfer by the Secured Party to the Pledgor of Posted Collateral, the security interest and lien granted hereunder on that Posted Collateral will be released immediately and, to the extent possible, without any further action by either party.
Security Interest. 3.1 As security for the prompt and complete payment when due (whether on the payment dates or otherwise) of all the Secured Obligations, Borrower grants to Agent a security interest in all of Borrower’s right, title, and interest in, to and under all of Borrower’s personal property and other assets including without limitation the following (except as set forth herein) whether now owned or hereafter acquired (collectively, the “Collateral”): (a) Receivables; (b) Equipment; (c) Fixtures; (d) General Intangibles (other than Intellectual Property); (e) Inventory; (f) Investment Property; (g) Deposit Accounts; (h) Cash; (i) Goods; and all other tangible and intangible personal property of Borrower whether now or hereafter owned or existing, leased, consigned by or to, or acquired by, Borrower and wherever located, and any of Borrower’s property in the possession or under the control of Agent; and, to the extent not otherwise included, all Proceeds of each of the foregoing and all accessions to, substitutions and replacements for, and rents, profits and products of each of the foregoing; provided, however, that the Collateral shall include all Accounts and General Intangibles that consist of rights to payment and proceeds from the sale, licensing or disposition of all or any part, or rights in, the Intellectual Property (the “Rights to Payment”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a judicial authority (including a U.S. Bankruptcy Court) holds that a security interest in the underlying Intellectual Property is necessary to have a security interest in the Rights to Payment, then the Collateral shall automatically, and effective as of the date of this Agreement, include the Intellectual Property to the extent necessary to permit perfection of Agent’s security interest in the Rights to Payment.