Product Enhancements definition

Product Enhancements means modifications or improvements made to the Products which improve performance of such Products.
Product Enhancements means any improvements and enhancements of the Commercial Product containing Reynoutria plant extract as an active ingredient, with enhanced features and properties including new formulations and other concentrations, that MBI has or obtains the right to Register and sell in the Field in the Territory; but not including combinations with other active ingredients;
Product Enhancements means either corrections, improvements or additions to the Software which increase the basic functions of the Software to a level that redefines the original Products as defined by the LICENSOR.

Examples of Product Enhancements in a sentence

  • If in future Axtel requires specific Product Enhancements, and if Airspan determines in its sole discretion that it has resources available to make such Product Enhancements, Airspan shall provide its quotation to undertake such Product Enhancements at reasonable commercial terms and conditions.

  • See also "Business Risks -- Dependence on New Product Development and Product Enhancements" below.

  • Product Enhancements Requests Customer Plans Support Requests (SR) are assigned a SR number to manage the resolution of the issue.

  • In particular, programs that we identify that have undergone a name change are as follows: the Sectors Strategies Program was the Industry Sector Performance Program, Best Workplaces for Commuters was the Commuter Choice Leadership Initiative, the Water Efficient Product Enhancements Program was the Water Alliances for Voluntary Efficiencies, and the Environmental Stewardship Program was Today's Environmental Partnership.

  • Standard Capacity Product Enhancements - This initiative would develop a monthly rather than annual charge for the Standard Capacity Product that reflects the market value of resource availability.

  • CAISO Flexible Ramping Product Enhancements stakeholder initiative.

  • The intended audience for this document includes users of Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) Fee Basis application, users of the ADT application, the Office of Enterprise Development (OED), Chief Business Office (CBO) Purchased Care, and the VA OIT Health Administration Product Enhancements (HAPE) Portfolio Management Office (PMO).

  • Send by email (if possible), and otherwise by first class mail to last known mailing addresses, letters substantially similar to the one attached as Exhibit H to the Agreement to Settlement Class Members who complained to AHM about unpleasant vibration in Settlement Class Vehicles and who have not had any Product Enhancements performed.

  • MBI shall notify SYT of any Product Enhancements of the Commercial Product that MBI makes generally commercially available.

  • Distributor is responsible for duplicating Products, any Product Enhancements and all documentation for distribution to Customers.

More Definitions of Product Enhancements

Product Enhancements means any new features or other extensions or modifications of the Software developed by Company. “Product Enhancements” does not include new features or extensions or modifications of the Software to the extent incorporated into a general Update.
Product Enhancements shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.4.
Product Enhancements means any new features or modifications of the Software requested by Customer and developed by Licensor pursuant to Customer's written request, it being expressly agreed that only Licensor may create and/or add any new features or modifications to the Software and further that Licensor has sole discretion on whether to add any requested features or modifications. “Product Enhancements” does not include new features or modifications of the Software to the extent incorporated into a general Update.

Related to Product Enhancements

  • Credit Enhancements means surety bonds, insurance policies, letters of credit, guarantees and other

  • Enhancements means the corrections, updates, upgrades or new versions of the Software or Documentation that Licensor may provide to Licensee under this Agreement.

  • Series Enhancement means the rights and benefits provided to the Trust or the Investor Certificateholders of any Series or Class pursuant to any letter of credit, surety bond, insurance policy, cash collateral guaranty, subordinated interest in the Trust Assets, cash collateral account, collateral interest, spread account, guaranteed rate agreement, maturity liquidity facility, tax protection agreement, interest rate swap agreement, interest rate cap agreement or other similar arrangement. The subordination of any Series or Class to another Series or Class shall be deemed to be a Series Enhancement.

  • Credit Enhancement means any credit enhancement or credit support arrangement in support of the obligations of Dealer under or with respect to this Confirmation, including any guarantee, collateral arrangement (including any pledge, charge, mortgage or other security interest in collateral or title transfer arrangement), trust or similar arrangement, letter of credit, transfer of margin or any similar arrangement.

  • Enhancement Provider means, with respect to any Series, the Person, if any, designated as such in the related Supplement.

  • Credit Enhancement Provider means, with respect to any Securities, any person issuing, funding or otherwise making available, for the benefit of Securityholders or any party to a Serviced Corporate Trust Contract, an asset as an enhancement of the credit quality or liquidity of any Securities or the mortgage assets or other assets pledged for or underlying such Securities, such as a letter of credit, surety bond, insurance policy, guaranty, reserve fund pledge or collateral undertaking.

  • Enhancement means, with respect to any Series of Notes, the rights and benefits provided to the Noteholders of such Series of Notes pursuant to any letter of credit, surety bond, cash collateral account, overcollateralization, issuance of subordinated Notes, spread account, guaranteed rate agreement, maturity guaranty facility, tax protection agreement, interest rate swap or any other similar arrangement.

  • Credit Enhancement Agreements means, collectively, any documents, instruments, guarantees or agreements entered into by the Issuer, any of its Restricted Subsidiaries or any Securitization Entity for the purpose of providing credit support (that is reasonably customary as determined by Issuer’s senior management) with respect to any Permitted Funding Indebtedness or Permitted Securitization Indebtedness.

  • Third Party Components means software and interfaces, licensed by RIM from a third party for incorporation into a RIM software product, or for incorporation into firmware in the case of RIM hardware products, and distributed as an integral part of that RIM product under a RIM brand, but shall not include Third Party Software.

  • Product Backlog means a list of those Stories that do not form part of the current Sprint Plan at that time and which are to form the subject of a future Sprint, either in the current Release at that time or a subsequent Release;

  • Tobacco product manufacturer means an entity that after the date of enactment of this Act directly (and not exclusively through any affiliate):

  • Product Manufacturer means the entity that assembles the component parts to manufacture the final Product;

  • Provider Agreements means all participation, provider and reimbursement agreements or arrangements now or hereafter in effect for the benefit of Tenant or any Manager in connection with the operation of any Facility relating to any right of payment or other claim arising out of or in connection with Tenant’s participation in any Third Party Payor Program.

  • Regulatory Services Provider means the organization which provides regulatory services to BSEF pursuant to a Regulatory Services Agreement.

  • Derivative Provider Trigger Event means (i) an Event of Default with respect to which Party A is a Defaulting Party, (ii) a Termination Event with respect to which Party A is the sole Affected Party or (iii) an Additional Termination Event with respect to which Party A is the sole Affected Party.

  • Replacement Product means electric generating capacity, capacity-related benefits, environmental attributes, Energy or other electric products from a generation resource other than the Facility that are provided or delivered to replace or substitute for Contract Capacity or Storage Capacity (or any Capacity-Related Benefit, Environmental Attribute, Other Electric Product, Contract Energy, or Storage Energy associated therewith), in each case, in whole or in part, pursuant to Section 4.6.

  • Behavior Support Plan means the individualized proactive support strategies used to support positive behavior.

  • Program Support Provider means and includes with respect to each Conduit Purchaser any Liquidity Provider and any other Person (other than any customer of such Conduit Purchaser) now or hereafter extending credit or having a commitment to extend credit to or for the account of, or to make purchases from, such Conduit Purchaser pursuant to any Program Support Agreement.

  • Derivative Product means a written contract or agreement between the Authority and a Reciprocal Payor, which provides that the Authority’s obligations thereunder will be conditioned on the absence of (a) a failure by the Reciprocal Payor to make any payment required thereunder when due and payable, or (b) a default thereunder with respect to the financial status of the Reciprocal Payor; and:

  • Third Party Manufacturer means any person, firm or company which carries out the reproduction of Work and/or manufactures and/or prints the Licensed Publication on behalf of the Licensee;

  • Derivative Counterparty means any party to any Derivative Agreement other than the Issuer or the Indenture Trustee.

  • Third Party Providers or “TPPs” means any payment service provider that provides payment services to you or someone else that concerns the Account, for example, an AISP (described in Clause 1(c) below).

  • Third-party logistics provider means a person that provides or coordinates warehousing of or other logistics services for a drug or device in interstate commerce on behalf of a manufacturer, wholesale distributor, or dispenser of the drug or device but does not take ownership of the product or have responsibility for directing the sale or disposition of the product.

  • Enhancement Agreement means any agreement, instrument or document governing the terms of any Series Enhancement or pursuant to which any Series Enhancement is issued or outstanding.

  • embedded generator means a generator who is not a market participant and whose generation facility is connected to a distribution system of a distributor, but does not include a generator who consumes more electricity than it generates;

  • Credit Enhancement Agreement means the Agreement among the Sellers, the Master Servicer, the Trustee and the Credit Enhancement Provider with respect to the Credit Enhancement.