Past Performance Sample Clauses

Past Performance. The Government will evaluate the contractor's performance on the NETCENTS-2 Orders provided in Exhibit B, CDRL B001. The PCO will determine the quality of the work performed based on an integrated assessment of data obtained in the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting Systems (CPARS) and information obtained from Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) channels, interviews with customers, program managers and/or contracting officers for NETCENTS-2 task orders. Based on the contractor performance records above, the PCO will determine if there is an expectation that the contractor will successfully perform the required efforts under the unrestricted Application Services contract.
Past Performance. Past performance information is relevant information, for future source selection purposes, regarding a Contractor’s actions under a previously awarded contracts. It includes, for example, the Contractor’s record of conforming to contract requirements and to standards of good workmanship; record of forecasting and controlling costs; adherence to contract schedules, including the administrative aspects of performance; history of reasonable and cooperative behavior and commitment to customer satisfaction; reporting into required databases; record of integrity and business ethics; and, business-like concern for the interest of the customer. The OASIS Program Office requires use of the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) modules as the secure, confidential, information management tool to facilitate the performance evaluation process for task orders awarded under XXXXX. However, if a customer agency requires an alternative past performance assessment reporting system for a specific task order(s) other than CPARS, the alternative reporting system takes precedence over CPARS. The COCM will serve as a primary contact and who will be authorized access to the evaluation for review and comment for OASIS and task orders awarded under XXXXX. The COCM shall respond promptly to past performance evaluations as documented by the OCO at the task order level and the OASIS CO for OASIS. In addition, the COCM will be required to identify an alternate contact that will be responsible for notifying the OASIS CO in the event the primary contact is unavailable to process evaluations within the required 30-day time frame.
Past Performance. You understand that even if we have been successful with other projects, we might not be successful with this project.
Past Performance. The Participating Contractor shall not sub-contract with any Participating Contractor that is under suspension or former Participating Contractor that has been terminated from the Program, or any other NYSERDA program, without NYSERDA’s prior written permission. An employee of a sub-contractor who has demonstrated unprofessionalism, unethical behavior or has exhibited poor workmanship on one or more past Program projects may be prohibited from working on Program projects. This includes any staff member associated with a former Participating Contractor who was under suspension or terminated from the Program, or any other NYSERDA program. These individuals shall not work on Program projects unless NYSERDA provides written permission.
Past Performance. The historic performance of the Sub-Fund (including Unit Classes), once available, shall be published on the website of the LAFV (Liechtensteinischer Anlagefondsverband) (xxx.xxxx.xx). Past performance is not a guarantee or indication of present and/or future performance. LGT Sustainable Short Duration Corporate Bond Fund Hedged
Past Performance. The second criteria examined will be the past performances of the candidates. Both the District and the Association agree to review and revise the evaluation criteria so that clear delineation can be made on the past performances of bargaining unit members.
Past Performance. You understand that even if the Company has been successful in the past, this doesn’t mean we will be successful with the Company or your Shares.
Past Performance. You understand that even if affiliates of the Company have been successful in the past, this doesn’t mean the Company will be successful.
Past Performance a. Offeror shall provide a minimum of one, maximum of three Past Performance References with their proposal for like or similar efforts the company has completed within the last five years from the date of proposal submission. Offeror shall also submit one Past Performance Reference for each proposed subcontract valued at 10% or more of their total proposed price. The contracts identified should demonstrate in-depth knowledge and successful implementation of contracts of similar scope and complexity to this solicitation. Similar scope and complexity means having performed most of the types of support efforts identified in the SOW and TDP for this solicitation. The identified contracts can be with Federal Government, commercial or other customers.
Past Performance. The past performance evaluation will assess the offeror’s probability of meeting the solicitation requirements. To develop an overall rating, the Government’s evaluation will take into account relevant information submitted by each offeror as part of its proposal and the Government’s assessment and evaluation of other sources of information. Offerors are cautioned that the Government may use data provided in the offeror’s proposal and data obtained from other sources. Other sources of information for past performance may include, but are not limited to, CPARS reports, FAPIIS, ESRS, other databases, questionnaires and interviews.