Sickness Sample Clauses

Sickness. In the event that an employee requires hospitalization or is seriously ill during his/her annual vacation period, the employee shall, upon request and upon presentation of a physician's statement, apply the period of illness or hospitalization to sick leave rather than vacation, provided the sick bank is not used. The employee must inform the College of the claim within one (1) week of returning to work.
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Sickness. Any employee off duty on account of illness or injury may be required to produce a doctor’s certificate indicating date(s) of all clinical assess- ments, current medical restrictions and fitness to resume (or not resume) to regular or alternate duties. For non-occupational injury or illness of 15 consecutive work days or more or when returning to work with med- ical restrictions after a non-occupational injury or illness of any length of time, the employee must submit written authorization from their physician to the Health Services Section prior to the return to work date providing the above information. The employee may be required to visit the Health Services Section for a Return To Work health assessment. From April 22, 2005 until December 31, 2005, all bargaining unit mem- bers will not be required to provide a medical note for the first three days of absence for sickness or injury within that period. The TTC will delete SBA By-law no. 4 which states “[f]or the third and subsequent incidents of illness in a calendar year, the first day will be deducted”. Employees required to report to the Health Services Section for a peri- odic health assessment will have any loss of pay made up. Should a dispute arise between the employee’s physician and the Health Services Section as to fitness to resume (or not) their regular or other work, the employee shall be referred to an independent medical consultant mutually agreed upon by the Union and the TTC for an inde- pendent medical examination (IME), and the consultant’s opinion of the employee’s physical or mental condition shall be considered in the decision finally made as to the employee’s fitness to resume their regular or other work. In lodging an appeal from the Health Service’s original decision, the employee shall guarantee the payment of the consultant’s fee. Should the original decision of the Health Services be revised, the TTC shall pay the consultant’s fee. Should the Health Service’s original decision be sustained, the consultant’s fee shall be paid by the employee. In all disputes respecting fitness for work (or not) on medical grounds, the independent medical assessment must be utilized before proceeding to arbitration. The letter of referral to the independent medical consul- tant shall be signed by a representative of Management and a repre- sentative of the Union and shall contain information provided by the employee’s own Physician as well as any other pertinent information. It shall also dire...
Sickness the Sick Leave Pay Law, 5736-1976 and the additional statutes in this regard.
Sickness. 15.1 If you are absent from work due to sickness or injury, you may be eligible to receive sick pay in accordance with the Corporation's Sickness Policy. Further details in respect of sickness may be obtained from [INSERT LOCATION]
Sickness. A teacher’s absence due to sickness on a full-time or partial basis shall be deducted from the teacher’s sick leave entitlement in accordance with Clause
Sickness. (a) Where an employee is absent from work due to sickness or injury the provisions of this clause will apply, depending on whether the absence is due to sickness, or work-related injury, or non-work related injury.
Sickness. Absent unusual circumstances, annual leave scheduled during the last quarter of the leave year that could not be used because of a bargaining unit employee’s illness or injury would be approved for restoration.
Sickness. 14.1 If you have accepted an offer of work but are subsequently unable to work the hours agreed, you must notify the University of the reason for your absence as set out in your Assignment Offer Email.
Sickness. The Fire Chief or designee needs to be notified at least one (1) hour prior to the start of the employee’s scheduled tour of duty of a sickness on the first day of absence. It is the responsibility of the employee to keep the Fire Chief or designee informed as to continued absence beyond the first day for reasons due to sickness. Failure to make such notification may result in denial of sick leave with pay.