Treating physician definition

Treating physician means an individual who:
Treating physician or "attending physician" means the licensed physician who has provided or is providing medical care to the injured employee.
Treating physician means an individual licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy and is responsible for a Member’s care with regards to a particular diagnosis or treatment.

Examples of Treating physician in a sentence

  • General Order for Trial of Neuropathic Pain Medications Treating physician are encouraged to follow this sequence taking into consideration the patient’s individual tolerance for types of medications, their side effects, and their other medical conditions will guide pharmaceutical choices.

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Treating physician means a person who:
Treating physician means a person who is primarily responsible for the treatment of a worker's compensable injury and is:
Treating physician means a physician who has personally evaluated the patient.
Treating physician means the licensed physician
Treating physician means any physician within the MPN applicant's medical provider network other than the primary treating physician who examines or provides treatment to the employee, but is not primarily responsible for continuing management of the care of the employee.
Treating physician means a physician who has provided direct medical treatment to an employee which is reasonably required to cure or relieve the effects of an industrial injury pursuant to section 4600 of the Labor Code.
Treating physician or "attending physician" means the