Annual Vacation Sample Clauses

Annual Vacation. Effective as of January 1 of each year hereunder, Executive shall be entitled to three (3) weeks of paid vacation time for such year. In the event that the Executive is unable for any reason to take the total amount of vacation time authorized herein during any year, the vacation time expires and shall not be applied to a subsequent year. Upon any termination of this Agreement for any reason whatsoever, unused paid vacation time to which Executive is entitled to in that year shall be paid on a pro rata basis to Executive within ten (10) days of such termination based on the Base Salary in effect on the effective date of such termination.
Annual Vacation. Executive shall be entitled to two (2) week vacation time each year with full pay. Executive may be absent from his employment for vacation only at such times as Company's President shall determine from time to time. If Executive is unable for any reason to take the total amount of authorized vacation time during any year, he may accrue that time and add it to vacation time for any following year or may receive a cash payment in an amount equal to the amount of annual salary attributable to that period.
Annual Vacation. 7.1 Annual vacations with pay shall be granted to eligible employees computed at the rate shown in Section 7.3 for each hour on regular pay status as shown on the payroll, but not to exceed eighty (80) hours per pay period.
Annual Vacation. Employee shall be entitled to twenty (20) business days of paid vacation during each year of this Agreement. Employee may be absent from his employment for vacation at such times as are pre-approved by the Employer’s Chief Executive Officer. Unused vacation shall not be carried over into the next year, and will not be paid in the form of cash.
Annual Vacation. Employee shall be entitled to paid vacation days during each year of employment with the Company as detailed in Annex A, but in any event no less than the number of annual vacation days prescribed by law. Employee shall be obligated to take at least one vacation each year of at least 7 consecutive days (5 working days which shall be counted as vacation days and 2 rest days), as prescribed by law. Any vacation day snot used by the Employee during the year will be cancelled on 1st January of the following year and no vacation days shall be redeemed at any time. For the avoidance of doubt, the dates of the Employee’s vacation shall be coordinated with the Company. In addition, to the extent that the Employee requires additional vacation days, the Employee is entitled to request such days from the Supervisor and coordinate such vacation with the Company at its discretion and according to the Company’s policy from time to time. The Company shall be entitled to set uniform dates for vacation for all or part of its employees, with respect to all or any part of the vacation days, as it shall deem fit.
Annual Vacation. (a) Casual employees will be entitled to receive vacation pay at the rate of six percent (6%) of their regular earnings. Casual employees shall receive their earned vacation pay upon termination or calculated up to the last pay period in November and paid no later that the last pay period in December of the year in which the vacation pay was earned.
Annual Vacation. 14:01 Gross earnings for the purpose of this Article shall be the amount of wages earned and specified on the T4 Income Tax Certificate issued by the Company. “Basic pay” shall be defined as the amount received by an employee, or would have received for seven and one-half (7½) hours work per day or thirty-seven and one-half (37½) hours per week calculated at the employee’s regular hourly rate in effect immediately prior to the taking of vacation.
Annual Vacation. Executive shall be entitled to fourteen (14) days vacation time each year without loss of compensation. In the event that Executive is unable for any reason to take the total amount of vacation time authorized herein during any year, any unused vacation time shall carry over from year to year. Any earned but unused vacation time will be paid to Executive based upon his annual rate of all compensation paid in the previous twelve months upon termination or expiration of this Agreement.
Annual Vacation. 1801 Annual vacations shall be earned during the period between May 1st and April 30th. Notwithstanding the dates of the vacation year, vacation entitlement shall be calculated as at the end of the last full pay period of the vacation year. 1802 The current year’s vacation entitlement may be taken at any time between May 1st and April 30th. Vacation entitlements may be carried over to the following year with the approval of the Employer. Upon request, an employee may be permitted to retain up to three (3) days of her regular vacation for the purpose of taking such time off for personal reasons such as religious observance or special occasion, as long as adequate notice is given to accommodate scheduling. Carry over of these three (3) retained vacation days will be allowed subject to a written request being received by the appropriate manager sixty (60) days prior to the end of the current vacation year. Such days shall be paid out if not taken by the end of the vacation year to which they were carried over. 1803 Terminal vacation pay shall be calculated in accordance with 1804 and shall be based on the employee’s rate of pay on the date of termination. 1804 Employees who have completed appropriate service requirements (seniority) as of April 30th shall be granted annual vacation as follows: