Illness Sample Clauses

Illness injury, or pregnancy-related condition of a member of the employee’s immediate family where the employee’s presence is reasonably necessary for the health and welfare of the employee or affected family member;
Illness. Sudden unforeseeable deterioration in health. Serious illness Sudden and unforeseeable decline in health observed by a competent medical authority leading to the issuance of a prescription for medication to the patient and involving the cessation of all professional or other activity. Maximum per event In the event that the cover is exercised in favour of several insured victims of the same event and insured under the same specific conditions, the insurer's cover is, in any event, limited to the maximum amount provided for under this cover, regardless of the number of victims. As a result, compensation is reduced and adjusted in proportion to the number of victims. Family members Your de facto or common law spouse or any person bound to you by a PACS, your ascendants or descendants or those of your spouse, your stepfather, stepmother, brothers, sisters, including the children of the spouse or common law spouse of one of your direct ascendants, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, or those of your spouse. They must be domiciled in the same country as you unless otherwise stipulated in the contract. Medium-haul: “Medium-haul” refers to trips to Europe and the Maghreb countries. We organise We take the necessary steps to give you access to the service. We cover We finance the service.
Illness or Injury caused by: a) enemy attack by armed forces, with or without a state of war, including actions taken in resisting the attack; b) insurrection; c) rebellion; d) revolution; e) invasion; f) civil war; g) illegal acts; h) usurped power; i) nuclear radioactive contamination; j) pandemic conditions; k) chemical, biological, biochemical or electromagnetic weapon; l) acts of foreign enemies; m) strikes; n) riots; o) civil commotion; p) epidemic; or q) avian or swine influenza or any mutant variation.
Illness or injury in the employee's immediate family and medical appointments, examinations or treatments for the immediate family member with an accredited, licensed or certified medical provider listed in Section 4.F. of this Article that cannot be scheduled during non-work hours and are not taken pursuant to Family and Medical Leave Article of this MOU
Illness. In the event Executive is unable to perform his duties under this Agreement on a full-time basis for a period of six (6) consecutive months by reason of illness or other physical or mental disability, and at or before the end of such period he does not return to work on a full-time basis, the Corporation may terminate this Agreement without further or additional compensation payment being due the Executive from the Corporation pursuant to this Agreement, except benefits accrued through the date of such termination under employee benefit plans of the Corporation. These benefits shall include long-term disability and other insurance or other benefits then regularly provided by the Corporation to disabled employees, as well as any other insurance benefits so provided.
Illness. An abnormal condition of the body, manifested by signs, symptoms and/or abnormal findings in medical exams, which makes this condition different than the normal state of the body.
Illness. If the Employee shall be unable to render the services required hereunder on account of personal injuries or physical or mental illness, he shall continue to receive all payments provided in this Agreement; provided, however, that any such payment may, at the sole option of the Company, be reduced by any amount that the Employee receives for the period covered by such payments as disability compensation under insurance policies, if any, maintained by the Company or under government programs.
Illness. This is a sickness or disease, including all related conditions and recurrences, requiring medically necessary treatment.
Illness. 10.1 In the event of illness or other incapacity beyond his control as a result of which he is unable to perform his duties the Executive shall remain entitled to receive his salary in full for any continuous period of 3 months or an aggregate period of 90 days’ absence in any consecutive twelve month period subject to: