Job Assignments Sample Clauses

Job Assignments. The nurse may complete an interest sheet annually, or at any other time when he/she wishes to update it. The Manager of Human Resources will send an annual reminder to nurses to update their interest sheets. When filling an assignment, the Employer shall review each interest sheet. Nurses will be selected for assignments as described in Policy ii-052. Newly created assignments/opportunities shall be posted on the bulletin board in Room 417 and on the intranet for 5 work days. A notice of the new assignment shall be provided electronically to the Bargaining Unit President. The newly created assignment shall be filled as above. The Employer will notify the nurse(s) being reassigned in advance of the reassignment with at least one week’s notice in advance of the reassignment and discuss the rationale for same. The Employer will also notify any nurses who expressed interest in the reassignments(s).
Job Assignments. Section 1 - Promotions A promotion shall mean an advancement to a higher job classification with a higher hourly wage. A change in step increment or an increase in hours shall not be interpreted as a promotion.
Job Assignments. When an employee temporarily performs the essential duties of a higher level position in the bargaining unit for a period of more than three (3) consecutive days, the affected employee’s wage level will be temporarily adjusted from the beginning of the assignment to reflect the change. However, this should not be construed to be a permanent classification change.
Job Assignments. 12.01 The Corporation will, whenever possible, provide temporary job assignments which are valued and paid a higher rate than entry-level to full time regular employees provided such employees have the qualifications and skills to perform such jobs efficiently and effectively from day one without training.
Job Assignments a. (1) Each employee will be assigned to a job classification, the duties of which he/she is competent to perform and which generally reflect his/her normal work.
Job Assignments. A. Shift assignments will be posted by the Division and members will select their choice of assignment based on their seniority as sworn members in the applicable rank. Nothing herein shall affect the Chief's authority to make temporary changes in shift assignments due to operational necessity. There will be no changes for at least six (6) months after the new assignment schedule is implemented.
Job Assignments. At the commencement of each shift, employees will report to their established home base.These home bases will remain in effect until such time that an employee re-posts for a new posi- tion or their seniority does not allow them to remain due to lay off or recall. In the event that the number of required within the line assignment group or classification is reduced during the shift, the most junior employee in the line assignment group or classification will be reduced.
Job Assignments. 22.01 An employee who is assigned or is transferred by the Home to perform the duties of a higher-rated classification for a period in excess of one-half of one shift or is the successful applicant to a Job Posting, shall be paid not less than the start rate for that classification. If the start rate in the higher classification is less than the employee's own rate, the employee shall be paid the rate in the higher classification that is next above her own rate. On a demotion the wage of the transferred employee shall be the corresponding rate vertically in the new classification or position.
Job Assignments. The Employer shall, as a general policy, use seniority to make job assignments to the highest available rated job (including regular year-round and winter yard loader positions) for which an employee is qualified. While this general policy is normally followed when making job assignments, such factors as the duration of the assignment, overtime considerations (if any) and the productivity needs of the utilizing department shall also be considered when making job assignments. For purposes of this section, qualifications will be determined by the servicing department based on actual job performance, civil service certifications, etc.
Job Assignments. A. New Positions New positions within the bargaining unit shall be posted for five (5) working days and a copy made available to the Association President and Vice President all performance factors being equal, bargaining unit members with the greatest seniority will be given preference over new hires.