Work Days Sample Clauses

Work Days. The work day shall consist of an assigned shift within twenty-four (24) consecutive hours commencing at 12:01 a.m. Whenever practicable and consistent with program needs, employees shall work on five (5) consecutive working days separated by two (2) consecutive days off. Significant or major changes in methods of scheduling shall be first discussed with the Union before changes are made.
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Work Days. The term “work days” when used in this Article shall mean Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of any week except that no day that is designated as a holiday in this Agreement shall be counted as a work day.
Work Days. For sick leave of more than five (5) working days, the Deck Officer shall secure a written medical statement from the Deck Officer’s doctor to support the use of sick leave. Statements should be sent in as soon as possible after the period of absence is over.
Work Days. For the purposes of the Grievance Procedures, work days are defined as days the Human Resources Department is open and operating.
Work Days. A. Workdays for nurses; media, instructional, and nursing assistants; case managers; designated food service assistants and workers; and school-based Secretary VIs shall be seven hours and thirty-six minutes (7.6 hours), inclusive of a paid forty-five (45) minute duty-free lunch period. Bargaining unit members may leave the building during their scheduled lunch period by notifying the principal or designee and using a method designated by the Superintendent or designee.
Work Days. All educators will be allowed six (6) work days per school year.
Work Days. Work days shall be defined as days the Central Administration Office is open.
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Work Days. The teacher workdays in each year of the contract shall consist of 187 workdays, plus one additional (188th) day during the first year after a teacher is hired by the District. Two of these workdays shall be flex days.
Work Days. Work days are defined as those days the District Offices are open.
Work Days. Work days are those days established by the school calendar adopted by the Board pursuant to Section 3.06 on which employees are to be in attendance.
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