The Division definition

The Division means the division of emergency medical services within the department of public safety.
The Division means Fire and EMS.
The Division means the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division;

Examples of The Division in a sentence

  • The Division of Procurement is the sole point of contact for this solicitation unless otherwise instructed herein.

  • The Division has prepared model disclosure forms for each county.

  • The Division, in consultation with ODEO and Governor’s Commission on Disabilities, and the Proposer may agree to a modified ISBE Participation Rate provided that the change in circumstances was beyond the control of the Proposer or the direct result of an unanticipated reduction in the overall total project cost.

  • The Division of Local Government Services recommends that contractors be provided a list of the affected agencies.

  • The Division of Procurement will schedule the time and location for this presentation.

More Definitions of The Division

The Division means the Division of State Police.
The Division. : shall mean Division One as defined by the A.R.A.British Rowing for representation on the A.R.A.British Rowing Council.
The Division means” The Maritime Union of Australia Division" known as the MUA Division; “Union” means the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union.
The Division means the Land Quality Division of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.
The Division means the Department of Economic Development, Division of Workforce Development.
The Division means the Consultant Services Division of the Department of Transportation.