Shift Assignment Sample Clauses

Shift Assignment. Should the University elect to establish a shift on any other schedule than the regular day shift (Monday through Friday) or to assign employees to work on any such shift, the employee(s) with the most seniority in the classification affected or to be assigned on such shift shall have preference in moving to such shift. If an insufficient number of employees in the classification elect to move to such shift, then the employee(s) with the least seniority in the classification shall be assigned to such shift. If positions or shifts are reduced or eliminated or movement of personnel to other shifts is required, then the seniority of the affected employee will prevail in the selection of shift, provided the affected employee can do the required work. Such shift preference is only applicable within the employee's classification.
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Shift Assignment. 1. Annually, the University will notify employees of all available shifts for each of the four quarters in the coming year. Officers will bid the shift in each quarter in seniority order. Officers may not bid for the same shift for more than two (2) consecutive quarters. Bidding will be completed by May 15 for annual schedules to take effect July 1.
Shift Assignment. A. Permanent full-time school-site custodians shall be given a 20-workday notice of a change in shift assignment. Where the change in shift assignment constitutes a hardship, the employee may request a transfer, pursuant to the provisions of Article X, Section 1(E). Shift changes shall not be made in an arbitrary or capricious manner.
Shift Assignment. Within a given classification, shift assignments shall first be offered to employees by classification seniority on a voluntary basis. In the event shift assignments are not filled voluntarily, such assignments will be made on the basis of inverse classification seniority.
Shift Assignment. 1. The County and the Union agree that a bid shift procedure based on seniority will be implemented. The bid shift procedures will apply to any position classification in any department where employees occupying those positions are scheduled to day and non-day shifts, as defined in Article 19. At the discretion and approval of the Department Head, shift bidding for day schedules with different regular days off may be included under the purview of this article. The procedure is as follows:
Shift Assignment. 44.1 Officers assigned to the patrol division or other working units of the police department, wherein they are assigned to one (1) or more frozen (non-rotating) shifts, shall be assigned to one (1) of the frozen shifts by the following methodology:
Shift Assignment. The work schedule (hours and shift) will be determined by the Board (Article II,E,2). All changes in work shift will be discussed one (1) week in advance with individual(s) involved and where possible, personal preferences for shift assignment will be taken into consideration. In emergency situations, the Board may, at its discretion, waive the one (1) week advance discussion requirement referred to above with regard to changes in work shift.
Shift Assignment. It shall be the goal of the Commission and the Union to insure that all fire fighters are proficient in operating all fire equipment and apparatus in the Department. In order to insure continued proficiency, shift assignments shall be made by the Chief of the Department based upon:
Shift Assignment. Rosters covering a minimum of twenty-four (24) days shall be posted fourteen (14) calendar days in advance, and any subsequent change shall be subject to the provisions of Clause 15.05 – Shift Cycles.
Shift Assignment. (A) Permanent transfers which involve a shift change shall be made in accordance with Article 19, (Shift Assignments and Shift Differentials).