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At St. John’s, in every case where a Faculty Member has applied for, or has been nominated for, promotion, the President shall receive and consider the recommendation from the Xxxxxxx & Vice- President (Academic) and shall notify the candidate no later than June 1 of the President’s recommendation to the Board. If the recommendation is not positive, the notification shall contain a statement of the reasons.
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At St. Mary's request, Owners shall take all action necessary (including judicial proceedings) to remove any cloud from or cure any title defect to the Property. (Note: Owners shall have no obligation to St. Xxxx to cure surface disturbances resulting from prior mining activities.) If Owners fail or refuse to take any such action, St. Xxxx xxx take any such action in Owners' name. Owners agree to cooperate with St. Xxxx in any such action taken. If the United States or any third person attacks the validity of any of the patented mining claims included in the Property for any reason, St. Xxxx shall have no obligation to defend the validity of the claim.
At St. Joseph’s Catholic Infant School we aim to maximise the entitlement of all ALN pupils, whose parents wish them to be in a mainstream school. Admission arrangements of St. Joseph’s School ensures that there is no discrimination against pupils with ALN. In accordance with the School’s Admission Policy, we would accommodate any child whose parents expressed a preference towards the school provided all his/her special needs can be met by the school. ALN pupils have a right to access the whole curriculum. Through the curriculum and school environment, children can be encouraged to value diversity and understand the affect of injustice and inequality in peoples’ lives. The school has a disabled toilet and access ramps. A Code of Practice is in existence at St. Joseph's Infant School. The purpose of the Code is to help the school and the L.E.A. obtain the best value from financial resources and expertise for children with A.L.N., from those needing a little extra help to those with more serious learning difficulties. This Code has been effective from September 2002 and from that date the school and the L.E.A. have had regard to the Code. All those to whom the Code applies (School, L.E.A., Health Service, Social Services) have a statutory duty to have regard to it. Children can now be identified as needing help much earlier i.e. Nursery age. During the year a number of pupils are identified as having special educational needs and support is given, both in class and by withdrawal from class in small groups whenever appropriate. St. Joseph’s Infant School Policy on A.L.N. is as follows:- Xx. X. Beaumont is designated A.L.N. teacher, supported by Xxx. Xxxxx (Xxxxxx XXXXX) and Xxx. Xxxxx (XXX Xxxxxx). This team co-ordinates with the staff to decide on any action to be taken. The school has adopted a 3 stage plan - Early Years or School Action, Early Years Plus or School Action Plus and Statement. The School keeps an ALN register which is regularly updated. LOOKED AFTER CHILDREN The Headteacher/ALNCO is responsible for promoting the educational achievement of Looked After Children.
At St. Xxxxxx Catholic School/St. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Preparatory it is believed that an individual can realize his/her own potential only as he/she is given the opportunities to develop his/her capabilities. Each individual must be provided encouragement to realize his/her special needs and abilities in an atmosphere designed to encourage the person to reach his/her greatest potential. St. Joseph’s program is committed to furnishing an opportunity for growth of children and young adults so as to lead to the broadest possible intellectual, vocational, and civic horizons. Parents as Partners in Education Parents/guardians involvement is vital to the success of St. Xxxxxx Catholic School/St. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx. A working relationship between home and school is the best environment for a student and his/her progress. Therefore, parents/guardians and teachers must complement one another for each student to succeed. Parents/guardians are the first and most important teachers and models for their children. How parents/guardians interact with their children will forever influence their eagerness to learn. As their children come to school, parents/guardians assume a role of support where they display enthusiasm for what the teacher is presenting. This handbook has been developed and annually revised as a guideline of our school’s policies and expectations. Teachers and parents/guardians work hand-in-hand in a covenant contract in our children’s growth and education. The Family Handbook Statement is to be signed and returned and placed on file for the current school year.
At St. Xxxxxx Catholic School/ St. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx, inappropriate conduct of students/parents/faculty inside or outside of school is detrimental to the reputation of the school, or those that attend, and can be disciplined/dealt with according to our disciplinary code. Admission St. Xxxxxx Catholic School/St. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx admits students of any race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, gender, religion, age, or ancestry to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities. In addition, the school will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, gender, religion, age, or ancestry in administration of its educational policies, scholarships, loans, fee waivers, educational programs, extracurricular activities including athletics. In addition, the school is not intended to be an alternative to court or administrative-agency-ordered or public-school-district-initiated desegregation. Students entering kindergarten will be screened. If their birthday is before September 1st a second assessment will be performed in the second semester. If the student is not reaching their benchmarks, they will be retained in kindergarten. On a student’s initial entry to school, the original birth certificate must be presented to the school office. A copy will be made and kept in the student’s permanent file. Each new and returning student must annually file in the school office an updated student information card and emergency medical authorization forms. It is recommended for the best interest of your child that a copy of any court custody papers be on file. It is at the discretion of the principal for a student to be admitted to St. Xxxxxx Catholic School/St. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx. New students and their parents/guardians will meet the principal and will be given full information about St. Xxxxxx Catholic School expectations. No student who has had behavior problems at another school will be admitted to St. Xxxxxx Catholic School/St. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx. Past behavior will be determined in discussion with the student’s most recent principal and teachers. New students will be admitted for a one-month probation period. During this month, the student’s behavior, attitude, and relationship with teachers will be monitored, as well as all other aspects of his/her student life and studies. If there are repeated violations of the Code of Conduct, his/her parents/guardians will be notified. If the parents/guardians have to be ...
At St. Mary's option, for a period of two years, the principal amount of the Extended Capital Call Loan plus accrued interest shall be (i) convertible (in whole or in part) into SMC's common stock at a conversion price equal to Cdn$1.25 (subject to customary anti-dilution provisions), or alternatively, (ii) exchangeable (in whole or in part) into an additional interest in LVM which will increase St. Mary's ownership in the profits, losses and operating cash flows of LVM in accordance with Section VI-3 below.
At St. Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx High School, when the principal and vice-principal are both absent, the board may assign a teacher the duties of a Substitute Administrator. The Substitute Administrator shall be compensated at the rate of $65.00 per day for that position in addition to his/her salary.
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At St. Michael’s, NPs use the title “NP” and are Master’s prepared. An NP is expected to uphold the standards of practice for all RNs as well as the standards for NPs outlined in College of Nurses of Ontario Standard Practice for Nurse Practitioners, and is expected to demonstrate the following competencies established by the Canadian Nurses Association Canadian Nurse Practitioner Core Competency Framework (May 2010): • Professional Role, Responsibility and Accountability; • Health Assessment and Diagnosis; • Therapeutic Management;
At St. Nova’s expense, prepare and produce marketing materials (to be approved by Suneva per 2.8.12 below) needed to promote the Product(s) in the Territory, provided that the need for such marketing materials shall be determined solely by St. Nova;
At St. Xxxxxxx School bullying is defined as a persistent, repeated, and/or chronic pattern of aggressive physical, verbal, written, and/or psychological behavior that is intended to harm another. Included in this definition are alternate forms of aggression to include relational, indirect, and social aggression. - Relational aggression includes acts that “harm others through damage (or the threat of damage) to relationships or feelings of acceptance, friendship, or group inclusion.” - Indirect aggression allows the perpetrator to avoid confronting their target. - Social aggression is intended to damage self-esteem or social status within a group.
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