Where necessary definition

Where necessary means that, in order to comply with the second paragraph of
Where necessary. (erforderlichenfalls) means that employers judge and decide, in view of the risk and stress situation existing at the specific place of work, whether the professional qualifi- cations of the occupational health and safety officer and of the occupational physician are ade- quate for addressing a given problem or whether other expertise is required. An occupational physician might suffice, considering for instance that as of 1 January 2013 training for this role now also includes more detailed instruction in occupational and organisational psychology and in the evaluation of psychological stress (an amendment to this effect was made to the Ordi- nance governing the training of occupational physicians, as published in Federal Law Gazette II no. 463/2012).
Where necessary means, if needed to make sure the critical component can be thoroughly inspected.

Examples of Where necessary in a sentence

Where necessary, additional documentary evidence of the conditions under which they have been exhibited may be required.

Where necessary to meet this requirement, the Parties shall keep all personal data and any analyses, profiles, or documents derived therefrom logically separated from all other data and documentation held by it.

Where necessary to cut existing water, steam, gases, sewer or air pipes, or conduits, wires, cables, etc.

Where necessary, the Employer may make inquiries with the Applicant’s bankers.

Where necessary, adjustments are made to the financial statements of subsidiaries to bring their accounting policies into line with those used by other members of the Group.