Faculty Member Sample Clauses

Faculty Member. The term member includes all Limited Term Faculty, all Tenured and Pre-tenured Faculty (including those on a re-employment program, reduced workload and/or lay-off status); and including those who are, or have been appointed to supervisory, administrative, and/or developmental positions such as Chair, Director, Associate Xxxx, Xxxx, Vice-Xxxxxxx, Faculty Affairs and Xxxxxxx and Vice-President, Academic.
Faculty Member. A faculty member may purchase up to five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) additional life insurance, in increments established by the Employer, subject to satisfactory evidence of insurability. A new faculty member may purchase up to two (2) times annual salary in optional employee life coverage by their initial effective date of coverage as defined in this article, Section E, Subd. 3 without evidence of insurability. An employee who becomes eligible for insurance may purchase up to two (2) times annual salary in optional employee life coverage without evidence of insurability within thirty (30) days of the initial effective date as defined in this article.
Faculty Member. (1) The term "faculty member," as used herein, is construed to imply that the faculty member has a direct relationship with the student in a professional situation, and hence is specifically defined as anyone employed full-time by the College as an assigned instructor, coordinator, librarian or counselor.
Faculty Member. The term
Faculty Member. An employee of the University holding a position set forth in Article 2, Recognition and represented by the Union for collective bargaining purposes. The term "Faculty Member," as used in this agreement, shall not be interpreted to refer to part-time faculty members.