Statutory Duty Sample Clauses

Statutory Duty. 3.4.1 Party B cannot transfer the whole or partial contract (this project) to others without the permission of Party A.
Statutory Duty. All duties payable in respect of Purchases, as prescribed in terms of any statute or regulation in terms of a statute shall be for the account of the Customer and shall be payable on demand.

Related to Statutory Duty

  • Jury Duty 30.1 An employee who is summoned for jury duty and is required to lose time from his assignment as a result thereof, shall be paid for actual time lost with a maximum of one basic day's pay at the straight time rate of his position for each day lost, less the amount allowed him for jury duty for each such day excluding allowances paid by the court for meals, lodging or transportation, subject to the following requirements and limitations:

  • Jury Duty and Subpoena Leave Leaves of absence with pay shall be granted for jury duty. Any compensation received for jury duty performed on contracted days shall be deducted from the employee's salary. The employee shall notify the District when notification to serve on jury duty is received. Leaves of absence with pay shall be granted when an employee is subpoenaed to appear in a court of law. If any witness fees are paid, that amount shall be deducted from the employee's regular pay. Any transportation, meal, or lodging expense reimbursement shall be retained by the employee.