Deferred Salary Leave Plan Sample Clauses

Deferred Salary Leave Plan. 26.01 The Deferred Salary Leave Plan has been developed to afford employees the opportunity of taking a one (1) year leave of absence with pay by spreading “x” years salary payments over a “y” year period. “x” over “y” can be any of the following combinations:
Deferred Salary Leave Plan. 44.01 In accordance with the terms of the plan, employees are eligible to apply for the Deferred Salary Leave Plan. Copies of the plan may be obtained from the Human Resource Services Branch, Department of Education. The Department of Education will make available six (6) openings in the Deferred Salary Leave Plan each year.
Deferred Salary Leave Plan. 46.1 Employees on regular appointments who have been continuously employed at OC for a minimum of five years are eligible to participate in the Deferred Salary Leave Plan. The terms and conditions of the Plan are contained in OC policy and a copy of the policy may be obtained from the Payroll Department.
Deferred Salary Leave Plan. 44.01 The deferred salary leave plan enables employees to take six months or one year of leave from the Public Service and to finance this leave through a deferral of salary in previous years.
Deferred Salary Leave Plan. A Deferred Salary Leave Plan is a plan whereby a teacher chooses to work for less than their regular salary in order to make provisions for a paid leave of absence.
Deferred Salary Leave Plan. Each Faculty Member with a continuing appointment, part or full-time, is eligible to participate in a Deferred Salary Leave Plan as set out in Appendix D.
Deferred Salary Leave Plan. 24.1 A Member who has completed at least one and one-half (1 ½) years of continuous service under permanent status with the Board may apply for a paid leave of absence as outlined below:
Deferred Salary Leave Plan. 65:01 Employees may apply to the employing authority to elect to defer salary to be paid during a period of leave of absence, in accordance with the provisions outlined in the Deferred Salary Leave Plan.