Phone Calls Sample Clauses

Phone Calls. Time spent on work-related employer initiated and subsequent employee initiated telephone calls during the employee’s non-work time of over ten (10) minutes per day will be considered time worked and will be deducted from standby pay. The employee shall receive a minimum of one (1) hour compensation at his/her regular, non-overtime hourly rate of pay for each non-related incident. Employees are not required to answer the phone or respond to work related messages during his/her non-work time, unless they are on stand-by status.
Phone Calls. You agree that, by providing information Robinhood requests, Robinhood and its third party services providers may contact you via mail, phone or email. Specifically, if you provide us with a phone number: (a) you represent and warrant that the number you provide is your phone number, and you will promptly notify us if that changes, and (b) you consent to receive calls (including text messages) made to that phone number that may be prerecroded and/or completed with an automatic telephone dialing system (automated calls) for purposes including but not limited to providing account-related communications (including security alerts), investigating or preventing fraud, and/or collecting amounts owed to Robinhood. We may share your number with third parties that provide services to us in connection with any of the foregoing purposes, including but not limited to debt collectors. You understand that message, telephone minute and data rates may apply for calls made to a mobile phone number. You may opt out at any time from receiving these types of calls orally or in writing to Please note, even if you opt out, we may still make other calls as permitted by law. You consent to our recording of phone calls, including calls we make to you or that we receive from you.
Phone Calls. In the regular course of our business, we may monitor and record phone conversations made or received by our employees. You agree that we will have such right with respect to all phone conversations between you and our employees, whether initiated by you or any of our employees.
Phone Calls. In recognition that members of Trades and Caretakers may spend a significant amount of time on the phone helping the call-in person through a technical problem, those members who provide this service will be compensated in the amount of one (1) hour at the overtime rate. The on-call person will record all phone calls of support on the appropriate on-call report form and will need to submit a timecard related to this call.
Phone Calls. Long distance phone calls shall be billed to the Tenant and deducted from their Security Deposit at the end of the rental period.
Phone Calls. Absent a court order or exceptional circumstances where there is a threat to the safety and security of staff, inmates, the public or state property, DOCCS will offer at least the following:
Phone Calls. If an employee receives a duty related telephone call during non-duty hours from a supervisor, or at the request of a supervisor, the employee shall receive a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes of work time. If the work time actually extends beyond 15 minutes, the work time shall be rounded to the nearest 15-minute increment. This provision is intended to apply to situations where it is necessary to obtain information from the employee regarding a work situation. It is not intended to apply to calls on matters such as requests to work overtime, or directives given to the employee to report to work early or other reporting instructions. For purposes of this article, supervisor means one rank or more higher, someone acting as the watch commander or as approved by the Sheriff or his designee.
Phone Calls. Phone calls to an employee at his or her residence by an authorized representative of the employer regarding a work-related problem which is resolved or discussed over the phone will be recorded and compensated as work time in half hour (thirty minute) increments at the applicable rate.
Phone Calls. We may call or text you or authorize others to call or text you on our behalf using any number you provide to us (or that we issue to you) for any purpose, including marketing of our Services. This is true even if your numbers are included on state or federal “do not call” lists. You are responsible for charges for incoming text messages on your wireless phone. However, if you ask to have your number placed on our “do not call” list, we will not call or text you (or authorize others to call or text you) at that number for marketing purposes. To have your number placed on our “do not call” list, contact your local SKITTER Affiliate’s office.
Phone Calls. On-call employees who receive calls that do not require them to report back to the work site, but require them to consult, will be paid a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes at one and one half (1.5) times the appropriate rate of pay for the hour for each call received in addition to the on call premium. In no case will the number of calls per hour cause the overtime paid to exceed the rate of time and one half (1.5) the appropriate rate of pay for the hour. Examples Five (5) or more calls, in a one hour period, would be paid at 1.5x the appropriate rate of pay for 60 minutes not 75 or more minutes. If an employee receives two (2) calls at 2:00am and three (3) calls at 4:00am they would be entitled to 30 minutes for the first two calls and 45 minutes for the three calls at 4:00am.