Financial resources definition

Financial resources means assets that are obtained or controlled as a result of past transactions or events that in the normal course of operations will become cash.
Financial resources means financial resources determined in accordance with Section5 of this Notice;
Financial resources means the unrestricted assets owned by a consumer and, if applicable, the consumer’s spouse. The place of residence and one vehicle are exempt from consideration of resources. “Formula” means the mathematical calculation applied to the state appropriation to determine the

Examples of Financial resources in a sentence

  • Financial resources permitting, the Unit will also offer a training course on time use and the contribution of unpaid 5 See Proposal for the creation of a knowledge transfer network (KTR) for training in official statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean (DDR/1), 2007.

  • Financial resources for the construction and reconstruction within “Sharpen your skills” training are provided by ETP partners – Habitat for Humanity International and Open Society Institute.

  • Strategic long-term… Short-term planning Quality of processes'…Structure and…Targets Financial resources Human resources Risk management GlobalizationPestel Availability of resources PR and ComunicationStackeholders…050100150Figure 1: The weight of the factors affecting operational activity of the company (frequency 667 in total).

  • Financial resources – Availability of the financial assets/tools, financial stability, cash flow, profitability, leverage, loans, guarantees, bonds, insurances, etc.

  • Financial resources are thus not simply a sign of possessions or of wealth, but are also an indicator of the power to act, of the capacity to participate in the active life of society, and of the potential to decide one’s own life course.Since in most countries, it is women who attend to small children, care offers (such as institutional childcare provisions and parental leave) can be viewed as a public recognition of women’s work and as the state’s effort to alleviate women’s care burden.

More Definitions of Financial resources

Financial resources means the amount of income available to a displaced homemaker.
Financial resources means the aggregate of an applicant’s yearly disposable income and disposable capital. A person’s disposable income is his/her gross income minus deductible items as allowed under the Legal Aid (Assessment of Resources and Contributions) Regulations (“the Regulations”) (Cap. 91B). A person’s disposable capital consists of all assets of a capital nature, such as the sum of his/her credit balance, money due to him/her, the value of the person’s interest in non-money resources, the value of business or share in a company etc., unless such items should be excluded from calculation under the Regulations.
Financial resources. (“adnoddau ariannol”) means financial resources of any kind
Financial resources. (“adnoddau ariannol”) means financial resources of any kind including grants, loans and other payments;
Financial resources means the financial resources of an applicant as determined by the Director in accordance with subsection 13(3);
Financial resources means the financial resources of an applicant as determined under subsection 7(2);
Financial resources means the financial resources of an applicant and his or her dependants as determined in accordance with section 20;