Cultural diversity definition

Cultural diversity means the spectrum of differences that exists among groups of people with definable and unique cultural backgrounds.
Cultural diversity means differences in race, ethnicity, language, nationality, or religion among various groups within a community, an organization, or a nation.
Cultural diversity means the existence of a variety of cultural or ethnic groups within a society.

Examples of Cultural diversity in a sentence

  • This double counting of a class may only be done with the Cultural Diversity requirement.

  • The Cultural Diversity Requirement generally does not add units to a student's program.

  • Rather, it is intended to be fulfilled by choosing courses from the approved list that also satisfy requirements in other areas of the student’s program; the exception is that Cultural Diversity courses may not satisfy Culture and Language Requirements for B.S. students.

  • Working with Cultural Diversity: Working well with men and women and with people from a variety of ethnic, social, or educational backgrounds.

  • Courses in Cultural Diversity may be taken at the lower-division or upper-division level.

More Definitions of Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity means the presence of individuals and groups from different cultures; cultural diversity in the workplace refers to the degree to which an organization, agency, or other group is comprised of people from a variety of differing backgrounds related to behaviors, attitudes, practices, beliefs, values, and racial and ethnic identity.
Cultural diversity means the distinguishable differences in life styles, values, traditions, religions, etc.
Cultural diversity means the many ways in which the cultures of groups and societies find expression. These expressions are passed on within and among groups and societies. Cultural diversity is made manifest through the varied ways in which the cultural heritage of humanity is expressed, augmented and transmitted, but also through diverse modes of artistic creation, production, dissemination, distribution and enjoyment, whatever the means of technologies used.
Cultural diversity. The manifold ways in which the cultures of groups and societies find expression.28
Cultural diversity beyond Canada's means and capacity to absorb differences. In short, “cultural diversity” and “cultural differences” become codified concepts to
Cultural diversity means the manifold ways in which the cultures of groups and communities find expression which expressions are passed on within and among the groups and communities;
Cultural diversity means the variety of cultural backgrounds of candidates, faculty, and school personnel based on ethnicity, race, language, religion, socioeconomic status, gender, geographical background, and exceptionalities. Diverse regional or geographic origins, religions, or language groups are not necessarily representation of a wide range of cultural diversity.