Quarantine Sample Clauses

Quarantine. Every teacher is entitled to his or her salary despite absence from duty in a case where, because of exposure to a communicable disease, the teacher is quarantined or otherwise prevented by the order of the medical health authorities from attending upon the teacher’s duties. The days shall not be deducted from sick leave credits.
Quarantine. 20.14 Time lost by an employee as a result of a legally recognized quarantine because of a job related incident shall be treated as a leave of absence with pay for the duration of the quarantine.
Quarantine. In case of unavoidable absence due to contagious disease and quarantine in an employee's immediate household or unavoidable quarantine elsewhere, the employee shall be paid on the same basis as if the absence were caused by personal illness of the employee and as specified in Paragraph 2 (Personal Illness).
Quarantine. If a performer is placed in quarantine prior to the start of production due to COVID-19, such quarantine period does not start span for series contract performers whose guarantees do not meet one of the thresholds specified in Section 14(b) of the SAG-AFTRA Television Agreement (i.e., $20,000 per episode, $100,000 per series when such series is one of a number of series presented in a combined series format or $150,000 for a 13 episode guarantee), nor consecutive days of employment for performers other than series contract performers.
Quarantine. A Full-Time or Part-Time Faculty Member shall receive full salary during the period in which that Faculty Member is quarantined by duly constituted governmental authority.