Enrollment Sample Clauses

Enrollment. You will determine each employee’s eligibility for enrollment in the Plan and submit electronically to Blue Cross and Blue Shield all of the information necessary for enrolling employees in the Plan. This enrollment information must include eligible employees, effective date of coverage, demographic information, dependent information, plan options, payment options, start and termination dates, class of coverage, whether the eligible employee is a late enrollee, and other information identified in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield enrollment process. You will provide this information in a timely manner to allow Blue Cross and Blue Shield to provide services in accordance with this Account-Based Offerings Administrative Services Agreement. Blue Cross and Blue Shield through its designated vendor(s) will perform certain enrollment functions in order to facilitate enrollment of your employees in one or more of the Plans you offer. Blue Cross and Blue Shield through its designated vendor(s) will provide you (or your eligible employee, as applicable) with a member welcome kit prior to the start of your policy year.
Enrollment. Enrollment and re-enrollment in plans shall be administered as follows:
Enrollment. For the hospital-medical, dental and vision care plans, an unenrolled employee eligible for enrollment may submit application for enrollment in a plan at any time. However, an employee who has previously been enrolled in a plan during the current enrollment year must, upon re-enrollment in that same enrollment year, select the same plan. Such an employee must wait until the next open enrollment period to effect a change of plans. The District shall process applications so as to make coverage effective on the earliest practicable date consistent with the plan provisions, and in no case shall this be later than the first day of the calendar month following the receipt of the completed application.
Enrollment. A. Enrollment in the School shall be open to all students of ages or in grades as set forth in Section 2.2 above who are residents of the District of Columbia. Students who are not residents of the District of Columbia may be enrolled at the School to the extent permitted by §38-1802.06 of the Act. The School Corporation shall determine whether each student resides in the District of Columbia according to guidelines established by the D.C. Office of the State Superintendent of Education (“OSSE”).
Enrollment. To qualify for any insurance benefits as above described, each employee must individually enroll and make proper application for such benefits at the Human Resources Office upon the commencement of his regular employment with the Employer. Forms shall be provided to employees by the Human Resources Office.
Enrollment. Customer’s ability to enter this Agreement depends on whether you comply with the residential service eligibility requirements established by ComEd. If you are not eligible for service, you will not be enrolled. Billing and Payment ComEd will send you a monthly invoice for Hero Power electricity as well as the costs for ComEd’s delivery service. You will be charged your electricity consumption (in kWh) multiplied by the applicable Price. You agree that ComEd may provide us with your payment information and that you accept ComEd’s electricity consumption measurements as the basis for the amount you owe Hero Power for power and energy. You agree that you must remit payment to ComEd under their terms and at the address provided by ComEd. Your failure to pay your whole xxxx on time may result in late payment fees or contract termination. You are not eligible for any utility budget billing programs while you are a Hero Power customer. No Savings Guarantee Hero Power does not represent or guarantee that your Hero Power price will be lower than the ComEd Price for any or all billing periods of your contract. Renewal This Agreement provides for your continued service at the applicable Price through automatic renewal. Unless otherwise specified, Hero Power will send an electronic notice to the email address at least 30 days but not more than 60 days prior to the initial contract end date with one of the following options: