The Village definition

The Village means The Lakes Residential Retirement Village located at 00 Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Innisfail Qld 4860 and such other land as is from time to time determined by the Scheme Operator to form part of the Village.
The Village means the retirement village to be known as “The Village at Langebaan Country Estate” to be constituted in respect of the Land. Initial Here
The Village means the municipal corporation of the Village of Big Valley having jurisdiction under the Municipal Government Act and other applicable legislation.

Examples of The Village in a sentence

  • The Village uses fund accounting to segregate cash and investments that are restricted as to use.

  • The Village Council must annually approve appropriation measures and subsequent amendments.

  • The Village records disbursements for acquisitions of property, plant, and equipment when paid.

  • The Village recognizes receipts when received in cash rather than when earned, and recognizes disbursements when paid rather than when a liability is incurred.

  • The Village is directed by a publicly-elected six-member Council.

More Definitions of The Village

The Village means the Village of New Maryland.
The Village means the township of La Lucia Extension 10 and known as the Village of Sunningdale.
The Village means the Village of Girouxville.
The Village means the Village of Belcarra; “RFP” means Request for Proposal;
The Village means the Village of Navarre and, for all purposes in this Chapter, other than where plainly stated otherwise in this Chapter, a joint economic development district in which the Village is a partner or participant, including but not limited to the Perry-Navarre Joint Economic Development District.
The Village means the Village of Belcarra.
The Village means the Schoolies Festival™ accommodation site managed by Encounter Youth Incorporated and located at the Victor Harbor Hockey Club, between 24 November 2017 and 27 November 2017 (inclusive).