The People definition

The People s Bank of China” means the central bank of the People’s Republic of China. “RMB” means Renminbi, the official currency of The People’s Republic of China.
The People s Assembly” means the body of Financial Members representing all the Party and established in accordance with clause 12 of this Constitution;

Examples of The People in a sentence

  • As applicable, insurance required by this solicitation or any Contract resulting from this solicitation shall name The People of the State of New York, its officers, agents, and employees as additional insureds hereunder (General Liability Additional Insured Endorsement shall be on Insurance Service Office’s (ISO) form number CG 20 26 11 85 or the equivalent).

  • All insurance required by the Contract shall name The People of the State of New York, its officers, agents, and employees as additional insured to the extent of the liabilities assumed by Contractor as set forth in the Indemnification Section of this Agreement.

  • Prior to the commencement of the work to be performed by the Contractor hereunder, the Contractor shall file with The People of the State of New York, Office of General Services (hereinafter referred to as “OGS”), Certificates of Insurance (hereinafter referred to as “Certificates”), evidencing compliance with all requirements contained in this Contract.

  • Kate Klonick, The New Governors: The People, Rules, and Processes Governing Online Speech, 131 HARV.

  • All insurance required by this Piggyback Contract shall name The People of the State of New York, its officers, agents, and employees as additional insureds hereunder.

  • For the coverages required above, the Contractor shall cause to be included in each of its policies insuring against loss, damage or destruction by fire or other insured casualty a waiver of the insurer’s right of subrogation against The People of the State of New York, its officers, agents and employees, the New York State Office of General Services and any Authorized User of this Piggyback Contract.

  • Policies shall name The People of the State of New York and the New York State Office of General Services as Additional Insureds, and such coverage shall be extended to afford Additional Insured status to those entities during the Products/Completed Operations term.

  • The People shall submit a Statement of Costs within ten (10) days of the date of this Order.

  • The People First Service Center is required to refer such cases to the State of Florida.Five options are available to enroll or change coverage.

  • Such policy shall name the Design-Builder as insured, and The People of the State of New York and Subcontractors as additional insureds.

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  • People s Choice" means Peoples Choice AB, a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Sweden with corporate identity number 556705-5784, being a wholly- owned Subsidiary of Func Food Sweden.

  • Paraplegia means the permanent Paralysis and functional loss of use of both lower limbs.

  • Day care center means any child day care facility other than a family day care home, and includes infant centers, preschools, extended day care facilities and school age child care centers.

  • CHAPS means same day electronic transfer of funds payments in GBP in the UK made through the Clearing House Automated Payment System (CHAPS).

  • PAN means the Personal Access Number created by a User in accordance with the Operating Instructions for use by that User with that User’s OPEN24 Number.

  • Black People is a generic term which means Africans, Coloureds and Indians;

  • Motorway means a road specially designed and built for motor traffic, which does not serve properties bordering on it, and which:

  • Bouquet or “bouquet of channels” means an assortment of distinct channels offered together as a group or as a bundle by the Broadcaster and all its grammatical variations and cognate expressions shall be construed accordingly;

  • SACU means the Southern African Customs Union;

  • Village means a village specified by the Governor by public notification to be a village for the purposes of this Part and includes a group of villages so specified.

  • Urbanized area means an area where a well or production facilities of a well are located within a municipal corporation or within a township that has an unincorporated population of more than five thousand in the most recent federal decennial census prior to the issuance of the permit for the well or production facilities.

  • District superintendent means the superintendent of a district or the chief administrator of a public school academy.

  • Virginia Stormwater Management Act means Article 2.3 (§ 62.1-44.15:24 et seq.) of Chapter 3.1 of Title 62.1 of the Code of Virginia.

  • Virginia Stormwater Management Program or “VSMP” means a program approved by the State Board after September 13, 2011, that has been established by a locality to manage the quality and quantity of runoff resulting from land-disturbing activities and shall include such items as local ordinances, rules, permit requirements, annual standards and specifications, policies and guidelines, technical materials, and requirements for plan review, inspection, enforcement, where authorized in this article, and evaluation consistent with the requirements of this article and associated regulations.

  • Panchayat means an institution (by whatever name called) of self-government constituted under article 243B, for the rural areas;

  • Scalping means the situation where the Client opens too many positions in CFDs at the same time and closes them for less than five minutes or buying at Bid price and selling at Ask price, so as to gain the Bid/Ask difference.

  • Island means an area between traffic lanes or at an intersection for control of

  • Virginia Stormwater Management Program authority or "VSMP authority" means an authority approved by the Board after September 13, 2011, to operate a Virginia Stormwater Management Program or, until such approval is given, the Department. An authority may include a locality; state entity, including the Department; federal entity; or, for linear projects subject to annual standards and specifications in accordance with subsection B of § 62.1-44.15:31, electric, natural gas, and telephone utility companies, interstate and intrastate natural gas pipeline companies, railroad companies, or authorities created pursuant to § 15.2-5102.

  • Day Care Centre means any institution established for day care treatment of illness and/or injuries or a medical setup with a hospital and which has been registered with the local authorities, wherever applicable, and is under supervision of a registered and qualified medical practitioner and must comply with all minimum criterion as under -

  • Urban Coordinating Council Empowerment Neighborhood means a neighborhood given priority access to State resources through the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority.

  • Environmental and Social Management Plan or “EMP” means the Recipient’s document prepared and disclosed in accordance with the Environmental and Social Management Framework with respect to the Project (or a Sub-project), that details: (i) the measures to be taken during the implementation and operation of the Project (or a Sub-project) to eliminate or offset adverse environmental or social impacts, or to reduce them to acceptable levels, and (ii) the actions needed to implement these measures.

  • Number Portability Administration Center or "NPAC" means one (1) of the seven (7) regional number portability centers involved in the dissemination of data associated with ported numbers. The NPACs were established for each of the seven (7) original Xxxx Operating Company regions so as to cover the fifty (50) states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. territories in the North American Numbering Plan area. "Numbering Plan Area" or "NPA" is also sometimes referred to as an area code. It is a unique three-digit indicator that is defined by the "X," "X" and "C" digits of each 10-digit telephone number within the NANP. Each NPA contains 800 possible NXX Codes. There are two (2) general categories of NPA. "Geographic NPA" is associated with a defined geographic area and all telephone numbers bearing such NPA are associated with services provided within that geographic area. A "Non-Geographic NPA," also known as a "Service Access Code" (SAC Code), is typically associated with a specialized Telecommunications Service which may be provided across multiple geographic NPA areas; 500, Toll Free Service NPAs, 700, and 900 are examples of Non-Geographic NPAs. "NXX," "NXX Code," "Central Office Code," or "CO Code" is the three- (3)-digit Switch entity code which is defined by the "D," "E" and "F" digits of a ten- (10) digit telephone number within the NANP. "Operational Support Systems" or "OSS" shall have the meaning set forth in Section 12. "Optional Testing" is testing conducted by Qwest, at the request of CLEC, that is in lieu of testing CLEC should complete to isolate trouble to the Qwest network prior to submitting a trouble ticket to Qwest.

  • the LA means the local authority covering the area in which the Academy is situated;

  • Conifer means a tree that is a Douglas-fir, true fir, pine, western hemlock, spruce, or cedar.

  • Home and community-based services or "HCBS" means Home and Community-Based Services as defined in OAR chapter 411, division 004.

  • China means the People's Republic of China; when used in geographical sense, means all the territory of the People's Republic of China, including its territorial sea, in which the Chinese laws relating to taxation apply, and any area beyond its territorial sea, within which the People's Republic of China has sovereign rights of exploration for and exploitation of resources of the sea-bed and its sub-soil and superjacent water resources in accordance with international law;